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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

March 2023

Trevor Archer, Ph.D.
Power of environmental data in cancer research explored in workshop

Workshop by NIEHS, NCI explored challenges and opportunities of integrating environmental exposure data with other “omics” data.

NIEHS council members in Rodbell Auditorium
Advisory Council considers research questions on aging, exposomics, report back

Also reviewed process for developing a new NIEHS strategic plan.

Darryl Zeldin, M.D.
NIEHS Scientific Director shares research priorities, proudest moments

Darryl Zeldin, M.D., joined NIEHS in 1994 to advance his own research, but he soon became determined to elevate the work of his peers.

people viewing the smoke from wildfires in the distance
First-of-its-kind NIEHS project will empower climate change and health research

An award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust will fund a new data infrastructure.

Steven Tuyishime, Ph.D.
Intramural researchers receive climate change and health awards

New initiative is the first to support projects that spur intramural climate change and health research at NIEHS and other institutes.

Nicole Kleinstreuer, Ph.D.
New tests of endocrine-disrupting chemicals emerge from interagency effort

New assays developed via the Tox21 research program offer a faster, less expensive way to evaluate potentially harmful substances.

screenshot of NIEHS website with kids viewing a science experiment
NIEHS Kids website celebrates 25 years, tops list of most popular

The website offers kid-friendly access to environmental health science and ranks as one of the most popular across NIH.

Xiuxia Du, Ph.D.
Informatics tool could help analyze complex environmental exposure data

In her Jan. 30 Keystone Science Lecture, Xiuxia Du, Ph.D., introduced technology that may benefit researchers, regulators, and the public.

RAPIDD Protocol Designer mobile interface
Disaster research facilitated by new online tool

The tool by the NIEHS Disaster Research Response (DR2) Program assists researchers in collecting perishable data following disasters.

green, purple, blue logo with person - rare disease day
Toxic protein linked to muscular dystrophy, rare facial malformation

NIH researchers discover a possible cause for arhinia, or absence of a nose, bringing new hope for patients.

Chuan He, Ph.D.
NIEHS grantee awarded prestigious Wolf Prize

Chuan He, Ph.D., named 2023 chemistry awardee for work in RNA epigenetics, expanding ’omics research.

Emulate Liver-Chip
New technologies to predict human toxicity explored in webinar

Researchers from industry and academia considered the challenge of developing better models to assess the toxic effects of chemicals.


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