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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

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June 2024

Thomas Kunkel, Ph.D.
Thomas Kunkel elected to National Academy of Sciences

The NIH Distinguished Investigator in the Genome Integrity and Structural Biology Laboratory was recognized for his research on the accuracy of DNA replication.

Sharon Beard
NIEHS Worker Training Program stresses partnership power

30-year collaboration with the Department of Energy continues to pay dividends for worker health and safety.

Molly Frazar Lahey, Ph.D.
Improving PFAS filters with charged molecules

Molly Frazar Lahey, Ph.D., the 2021 Wetterhahn awardee, spoke about her research on PFAS sorbents and her path to NASA during NIEHS lecture.

Guohong Cui, M.D., Ph.D.
Scientific Journeys: Mapping the brain circuitry involved in Parkinson’s disease

Guohong Cui, M.D., Ph.D., discusses his path from medical school to a tenured position researching Parkinson’s disease at NIEHS.

Katie O’Brien, Ph.D., left, and Dale Sandler, Ph.D., right
Genital talc use may be linked to increased risk of ovarian cancer

New study by NIEHS scientists provides compelling evidence that genital talc use is associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Janine Santos, Ph.D.
How do PFAS, HIV drugs interact and affect health?

Janine Santos, Ph.D., awarded $750,000 to examine how PFAS and antiretroviral therapies together affect maternal health during pregnancy.

NIEHS Scholars Connect Program Spring 2024 Annual Symposium. From left to right: Suchandra Bhattacharjee, Ph.D., Giovonnii Nelson, Fiona Daly
Undergrad trainees present research at annual spring symposium

NIEHS Scholars Connect Program participants shared research contributions during the past year, and three earned top honors.

Christine Ladd-Acosta, Ph.D.,
Understanding gene-environment interactions can improve public health

Christine Ladd-Acosta, Ph.D., said studying the interplay between genes and the environment can inform new interventions, treatments.

Representatives from across the NIH who make up the Climate Change and Health Working Group gathered at the NIH Campus in April with the 2024 class of NIH Climate and Health Scholars
NIEHS News in Brief

Spreading the word about climate change and health, a new website, and efforts to reduce childhood lead exposures.


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