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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

May 2024

female doctor with young girl patient wearing breathing mask
NIEHS-supported research can help people with asthma breathe better

Recent scientific advances help to identify root causes of and new treatment approaches for asthma, a chronic respiratory disease.

Scott Masten, Ph.D.
Ask the Expert: How does NIEHS research on PFAS affect me?

NIEHS research informed new PFAS testing guidelines, drinking water standards, and phaseout of chemical from fast-food packaging.

Woman in yellow safety vest picks up plastic garbage beside a body of water
Oceans research gets new funding

NIEHS, NSF jointly fund new research centers to understand how microplastics, harmful algal blooms, other exposures affect people's health.

Cassandra Quave, Ph.D.
Spirit Lecture honoree lauded for perseverance in plant-based medicine

Cassandra Quave, Ph.D., discussed her journey around the world and the obstacles she has overcome to uncover the healing power of plants.

Manish Arora, Ph.D.
New technology detects molecular signatures that can predict autism risk

The test, developed by NIEHS grantee Manish Arora, Ph.D., has been granted FDA “breakthrough device” status and biotech industry honors.

Helena Hogberg, Ph.D.
NIEHS shares research to identify chemicals’ effects on development

At two international meetings, NIEHS scientists addressed challenge of screening chemicals for adverse effects on developing nervous system.

Eric Garcia
On autism, author calls for more inclusive conversations and research

During guest lecture, author Eric Garcia discussed need for improved dialogue between scientific community and individuals with autism.

Boy guides his bike through flooded streets
NIEHS News in Brief

Climate change and health, exposure science data repository, and biomedical careers.


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