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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

January 2019

woman giving self administered breast exam

Breast cancer risk remains elevated 20-30 years after childbirth

New research shows pregnancy first elevates breast cancer risk, but becomes protective over time.

Earlier puberty linked with personal care products
Personal care products

Girls exposed before birth to chemicals found in personal care products may enter puberty earlier, NIEHS-funded researchers reported.

Greenness may promote heart health
father and daughter walking

A new study provides the first evidence linking neighborhood greenness to changes in the body related to cardiovascular health.

Mitochondria play key role in disposal of dead cells
Ira Tabas, Ph.D. addresses audience

The body’s ability to clear dead cells depends on a finely tuned process, with mitochondria playing a starring role.

Epigenetics may hold key to arsenic’s role in cancer
Yvonne Fondufe-Mittendorf, Ph.D.

Epigenetics offers a new frontier in the study of mechanisms in cancer development, says Yvonne Fondufe-Mittendorf, Ph.D.

Pollution is a global but solvable threat to health, say scientists
John Balbus, M.D., NIEHS senior advisor for public health

Although global health investments focus on AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, recent estimates say pollution kills three times as many people.

New study finds active genes may be inactive for long periods
lead study author Joseph Rodriguez, Ph.D.

New research on genes suggests that active genes may have long periods of inactivity.

Motsinger-Reif takes biostats and computational biology lead
portrait of Alison Motsinger-Reif, Ph.D.

Internationally recognized statistical geneticist will meet big data challenges with innovative approaches.

Science counselors focus on NTP research translation
NTP Associate Director Brian Berridge, D.V.M., Ph.D.

The meeting, held online due to Winter Storm Diego, addressed translation of NTP research into regulatory, government, and scientific arenas.

NIEHS Giving Tree brightens holidays for local children
volunteers in front of truck

Staff and contractors stepped up to provide toys, bikes, clothes, and other gifts to children of needy families in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Network reflects on sharing research results with participants
Liam O’Fallon, program director for PEPH

The annual NIEHS Partnerships for Environmental Public Health meeting focused on reporting research results to study participants.

Epidemiologist White moves into tenure-track role
epidemiologist Alexandra White, Ph.D.

A rising star and two-time NIEHS fellow plans to dig deep in the hunt for environmental risk factors in breast cancer.

Multi-disciplinary, early career innovation highlighted at SRP meeting
SRP Annual Meeting

Superfund Research Program grantees and partners shared findings and discussed research translation, community engagement, and training.

Annual Ethics Day is a hit with NIEHSers
Bruce Androphy, J.D.

The NIEHS Ethics Office offered a lively alternative to the mandatory online training federal workers complete each year.

Fellows from around the globe celebrate around the table
Chinese stir-fry noodles

An international potluck lets research fellows share food and cultures while building a sense of camaraderie.

Top stories of 2018 dominated by cell phone studies
Kelly Lenox, editor in chief of the Environmental Factor.

In a milestone year for the Environmental Factor, a look at the top 20 stories reveals coverage of draft and final cell phone studies dominated reader interest.


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