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Jerry Heindel
New North Carolina endocrine disruptor group meets at NIEHS

The first meeting of Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Research in North Carolina tackled chemicals’ role in human and ecological health.

Karletta Chief
Karletta Chief featured in Science Friday film

NIEHS grantee Karletta Chief is featured in 'Breakthrough: Bitter Water,' a film by Science Friday and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Kimberly McAllister
New research approaches target gene-environment interactions

A special issue of the journal Mammalian Genome looks to genetics for reasons why people respond differently to environmental stressors.

Martha Susiarjo
Imprinted genes and the environment discussed by Susiarjo

Martha Susiarjo researches imprinted genes and how their interactions with environmental chemicals can affect maternal and fetal health.

Joel Meyer
Breast cancer link to environment highlighted at symposium

NIEHS-supported researchers discussed environmental factors linked to breast cancer at a Duke University symposium.

Birnbaum and Peden
Birnbaum speaks at allergy, asthma, immunology meeting

Linda Birnbaum delivered a keynote address at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology annual meeting.

Fred Miller
Measuring autoimmunity in America

NIEHS clinical researcher Fred Miller discussed the increase in autoimmune diseases in the U.S., and the research to better understand why.

Maria Shatz
Pi Day at NIEHS features citizen science

On Pi Day, the NIEHS Office of Data Science hosted a seminar on citizen science, complemented with delicious pies.

Thomas Weber
Oncologist takes on early-onset colorectal cancer

Oncologist Thomas Weber discussed the rise of early-onset colorectal cancer and suggested environmental factors may play a role.

Kelly Ferguson
Ferguson examines phthalate–preterm birth link in public webinar

NIEHS epidemiologists Kelly Ferguson and Amy Padula presented a free webinar exploring links between chemical exposures and preterm birth.

Tomas Guilarte
Honors for Guilarte and Richards at Society of Toxicology meeting

The Society of Toxicology honored NIEHS grantee Tomas Guilarte, Ph.D., from Florida International University, and grad student researcher Alicia Richards.

Reichenberg, Tanner, and Birnbaum
Congressional briefing on neurological diseases and the environment

Congressional staffers were briefed March 8 on scientific findings about connections between neurological diseases and the environment.


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