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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

September 2017

Christine Flowers

Climate change resources on the NIEHS website

NIEHS Communications Director Christine Bruske Flowers points to the many climate change resources on the institute website.

Elizabeth Martin
Pregnant moms' response to arsenic linked to sex of fetus

How a pregnant woman metabolizes arsenic may be affected by the sex of her fetus, and a male child may face more adverse health effects.

Spero Manson
Spero Manson explores power of place in Native health

Medical anthropologist Spero Manson drew on his research to describe how place can shape Native Americans’ identities and health.

Sara Andres
NIEHS trainee Sara Andres transitions to academia

The McMaster University assistant professor will use her expertise in DNA repair to study antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Warren Casey and Nicole Kleinstreuer
International meeting highlights NTP efforts to replace animal tests

National Toxicology Program staff highlighted progress at the 10th World Congress on Alternatives to Animal Use in the Life Sciences.

Tox21 logo
At 10 years, Tox21 continues driving toxicity testing forward

The Tox21 program marks a 10-year track record of developing cutting-edge technology to better assess chemical toxicity in humans.

Map of St. Lawrence Island
St. Lawrence Island welcomes full-time health clinics

Thanks to new full-time health clinics, residents of a remote island in the Bering Sea now have health care much closer to home.

Keens, Miller, and Birnbaum
Mark Miller achieves rank of commander

NIEHS Chief of Staff Mark Miller, Ph.D., was promoted to commander in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

Beth Bowden
New NTP website getting rave reviews

The newly redesigned site will help the National Toxicology Program better communicate with scientists and the public.

Andrew Rooney, Ph.D. acting director of NTP Office of Health Assessment and Translation (OHAT)
Systematic review symposium explores powerful tool

At an interdisciplinary meeting on the quickly developing field of systematic review, scientists from across the globe shared new methods.

Linda Birnbaum
NIEHS–WHO Collaborating Centre sets new course for next four years

The NIEHS–World Health Organization Collaborating Center established new initiatives for its next four years.

Brace and Wilder
NIEHS closes food drive with strong showing

Families in the NIEHS area received nearly 2,800 pounds of food and other items, thanks to the institute’s Feds Feed Families collection.


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