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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

May 2017

David Page
Sex chromosomes and sex differences influence disease

Whitehead Institute Director David Page, M.D., said genomes of males and females work differently and may affect sex differences in disease.

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners celebrates 25 years, new name

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, formerly the Breast Cancer Fund, celebrated 25 years and new name, at a dinner in San Francisco.

Stephanie Smith-Roe
Black cohosh — case study for botanicals testing

NTP research on black cohosh provides a glimpse of the complexities of studying botanical supplements.

Frank von Hippel
In Alaska and Australia, von Hippel involves locals in research

Whether in the Arctic or the tropics, Frank von Hippel’s research involves indigenous populations and model species from the local area.

environmental infographic
Exposome research advances with new tools

New tools are advancing exposome studies, which are becoming crucial to public health research, said speakers at a Yale University symposium.

Dudek, Nader, and Sombers
Triangle Society for Neuroscience promotes scientific exchange

From studies of the brain to professional development, the Triangle Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience spring conference hit the mark.

Richard Corley
New tools improve exposure and risk assessments

Richard Corley discussed cutting-edge technologies that make scientific predictions more relevant to humans and real-world conditions.

GISBL group
Science at GISBL retreat involves talks, posters, and cookies

Invited speakers, a poster flash session, panel of former trainees, and scientific cookie contest were featured at a NIEHS lab retreat.


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