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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

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May 2017

Lisa Rider receives lifetime achievement award from Cure JM

NIEHS clinical researcher Lisa Rider, M.D., received the Cure JM lifetime achievement award, for significant advances in juvenile myositis.

NIEHS clinical researcher Lisa Rider, M.D., received a lifetime achievement in research award from the Cure JM Foundation, in recognition of her years of research on juvenile myositis, or JM, and her significant advances in the field. This follows the PhRMA Research and Hope award she received last year, which also recognized her devotion to work on JM, a disease characterized by muscle weakness and skin rash.

When Rhonda McKeever, chair of the Cure JM Board of Directors, called Rider to the stage Feb. 18 at the Cure JM conference in Austin, Texas, Rider expressed surprise. “I was not expecting this,” she said. “It’s been wonderful to partner with all of you here to strive [toward] a cure.”

A passion for JM research

“Dr. Lisa Rider has devoted her career to JM research, helping to advance understanding of juvenile myositis pathogenesis, phenotypes, and treatments,” said McKeever. Rider is deputy chief of the NIEHS Environmental Autoimmunity Group, which studies autoimmune diseases, including myositis.

“Advancing the field of juvenile myositis takes a brilliant scientific mind, a passion for juvenile myositis research, and a devotion to training young researchers,” said McKeever, who cited Rider’s achievements and activities in the field of JM research.

  • Co-lead of the International Myositis Assessment and Clinical Studies Group (IMACS).
  • Member of Cure JM’s Medical Advisory Board since 2011, appointed chair in 2016.
  • Co-principal investigator of IMACS project to develop new response criteria to determine clinical improvement in treatment trials for juvenile and adult myositis.
  • Work to define subgroups of patients based on myositis autoantibodies and their associated clinical features and outcomes.
  • Teaching myositis clinicians and researchers at George Washington University.
  • Co-editor of the reference book Myositis and You.

“Lisa combines excellent research skills with an obvious care for the patients she sees,” said NIEHS Clinical Director Janet Hall, M.D. “She exemplifies the kind of clinician-researcher we all strive to be here at NIEHS, and we couldn’t be happier for her.”

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