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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

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May 2017

Hall recognized for distinguished service to Endocrine Society

NIEHS Clinical Director Janet Hall, M.D., was recognized for distinguished service to the Endocrine Society, including a term as president.

The Endocrine Society recognized the contributions of NIEHS Clinical Director Janet Hall, M.D., with the Sidney H. Ingbar Distinguished Service Award at its 2017 meeting April 7 in Orlando, Florida. Hall has served the society in numerous ways, including a term as president, since attending her first meeting 27 years ago.

Women in Endocrinology, a group in which Hall has been active, nominated her for the award. “She has been a strong advocate of clinical and translational research both within and outside the Society,” the nomination read in part.

“Service to the society has provided an opportunity and sometimes a platform to champion issues that are particularly dear to my own heart,” Hall said upon accepting the award. Those issues include clinical research, the critical importance of basic scientists in the society, and disparities in endocrinology, she explained.

NIEHS Scientific Director Darryl Zeldin, M.D., said Hall brings multiple strengths to the institute. “Jan has been successful at raising the visibility of the NIEHS Clinical Research Unit, in addition to her excellence as a clinician and researcher.”

Hall heads the Reproductive Physiology and Pathophysiology Group, where her research is focused on neuroendocrine interactions that govern normal reproduction and changes that occur with aging.

More NIEHS awards

Hall’s prestigious award was complemented by several other NIEHS-affiliated honors. Clinical researcher Natalie Shaw, M.D., received an early investigator award, for significant achievements early in her career. At the conference, she gave a talk on a groundbreaking study recently published in Nature Genetics, and exhibited a poster on very early puberty in boys.

Postdoctoral research fellow Matthew Quinn, Ph.D., received an early investigator award in 2016. This year, he delivered a lecture based on his outstanding research on menopause and glucocorticoids.

Lindsey Konkel received the society’s Award for Excellence in Science and Medical Journalism. Her news feature, “Lasting Impact of an Ephemeral Organ: The Role of the Placenta in Fetal Programming,” appeared in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, which is published by NIEHS.

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