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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

March 2017

Award Winners

New NIEHS research innovation award recognizes four trainees

Postdoctoral fellows Motoki Takaku, Ph.D., Bart Phillips, Ph.D., Shannon Farris, Ph.D., and Fei Zhao, Ph.D., will receive $50,000 grants as winners of the first NIEHS Division of Intramural Research Innovative Research Awards, announced Jan. 31 by Scientific Director Darryl Zeldin, M.D.

Jiu-Chiuan Chen
Dementia shows gene-environment link, loss of smell is early sign

NIEHS-funded scientists report dementia risk from gene variant plus air pollution, and impaired sense of smell may be an early warning sign.

Lisa Chadwick
Council backs microbiome, mouse models, and genome integrity projects

The National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council backed initiatives on the microbiome, rodent models, and genome integrity.

Tcheng speaks to attendees
Innovative technology provides safe drinking water in California

New technology developed with NIEHS funding will provide safe drinking water in California, at lower cost and without secondary waste.

CRUK Infographic
NTP Archives support global cancer research initiative

The National Toxicology Program will support a cancer and environment study that was a Cancer Research United Kingdom Grand Challenge winner.

Matt Quinn
Endocrine Society honors Quinn with Early Investigator Award

NIEHS trainee Matthew Quinn, Ph.D., won an Endocrine Society Early Investigator Award for his work on women’s health, particularly menopause.

Matthew Gillman
ECHO — solution-oriented research for health at all stages of life

Matthew Gillman, M.D., wants Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes research to seek solutions that consider all life stages.

3 Minute Challenge Winners
Trainees excel in three-minute talk challenge

Fifteen trainees competed in presenting three-minute, plain language summaries of their research, and three winners will receive travel awards.

Sherick Hughes, Ph.D.
Rethinking STEM education during Black History Month

Sherick Hughes, Ph.D., discussed the implicit and explicit bias facing black students in science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

Linda Birnbaum presents awards
Annual awards event celebrates commitment to excellence

Projects and individuals recognized with merit awards reflect the scientific work and the efforts behind the scenes necessary to success of the NIEHS mission.

Ron Evans
Evans discusses wound healing, liver fibrosis, and Vitamin D

Ronald Evans, Ph.D., discussed how a synthetic version of vitamin D impacts wound healing and may prevent liver scarring known as fibrosis.

Rusyn and fellow scientists
NIEHS grantee validates tissue chips for toxicity testing

An NIEHS grantee laboratory is validating tissue chip models of human organ systems for replacing animal use in toxicity testing.

NC State University
Metals symposium draws researchers, students, and community members

Toxic metals were the focus of the North Carolina State University Center for Human Health and the Environment’s first annual symposium.



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