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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

March 2017

Annual awards event celebrates commitment to excellence

Projects and individuals recognized with merit awards reflect the scientific work and the efforts behind the scenes necessary to success of the NIEHS mission.

Scientists and administrators from across the institute gathered Feb. 8 for the annual NIEHS awards ceremony. This year’s theme, “Commitment to Excellence,” recognized the achievements of more than one hundred winners, across six categories.

“Every single person in this room plays an integral part in supporting the NIEHS mission,” said NIEHS and National Toxicology Program (NTP) Director Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., in her opening remarks. “No matter if you’re a scientist, an administrator, a support technician, or an intern, your accomplishments are making a difference in the lives of people all over the world.”

Birnbaum highlighted several NIEHS achievements to kick off the ceremony. Among these were raising more than $100,000 in charitable donations for the Combined Federal Campaign; release of partial results from the NTP cell phone study; and a successful and first-ever Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) FEST. She concluded by highlighting events from last year’s 50th anniversary celebration and thanking the staff who planned them.

“Every year, Dr. Birnbaum receives a ton of recommendations for awards, and 2016 was no different,” said NIEHS Executive Officer Chris Long to this year’s awardees. “There’s so much amazing work being done on this campus, and that’s all because of your dedication to what we do here.”

Merit Awards — Individual

  • Srikanth Nadadur, Division of Extramural Research and Training (DERT) — For outstanding leadership in establishing cooperative activities between the United States and India to address the burden of exposure to air pollution in India.
  • Laurie Johnson, Office of Management (OM): For exceptional leadership in resource management and advancing the NIEHS mission.
  • William Fitzgerald, OM: For leadership, commitment to excellence, and dedication to the continuous improvement of occupational health, safety, and radioactive material security at NIEHS.

Merit Awards — Group

50th Anniversary Planning Committee — For extraordinary commitment, effort, and success in planning and implementing a full year of special events commemorating the NIEHS 50th Anniversary: Joel Abramowitz, Lois Annab, Eddy Ball, Gary Bird, Paul Cacioppo, Jennifer Collins, Tammy Collins, Donna Jeanne Corcoran, Christine Flowers, Jerry Heindel, Stephanie Holmgren, Cathy Jamison, Annette Kirshner, Kathryn Lawrence, James Little, Claire Long, Robin Mackar, John Maruca, Mark Miller, Nathan Mitchiner, Eli Ney, Julie Nixon, Joseph Poccia, Nicole Popovich, Wei Qu, Anne Sassaman, Devlin Sawyer, John Schelp, Amanda Thompson, Anne Thompson, Cheryl Thompson, Molly Vallant.

Animal Health Surveillance Program — For diligence and teamwork in the NIEHS Animal Health Surveillance Program: Floyd Adsit, Spencer Bridges, A.G. Carrington, Alex Castro, Francisco Contreras, Michell Contreras, Scotty Dowdy, C.J. Ganus, Johnny Green, Erika Hayes, Ransom Holliday, Jenetta Jackson, Michael Johnston, Jacqueline Locklear, Rodriquez Sutton, Jenine Taborn, Israel Uzoma, Toni Ward, Dee Wenzel, Tanya Whiteside.

Budget Resource Tracking Team — For extraordinary commitment and dedication in developing the NIEHS Budget Resource Tracking Operating Plan Module: Cyndi Arizona, B.J. Bhatt, Charletta Fowler, Kristin Greiner, Beth Lauderdale, Scott Redman, Sarah Rogers, Angela Sanders, Kent Stone, Chad Thacker.

Cell Phone Radiation Studies — For exceptional efforts to rapidly review data and issue a report of partial findings from the NTP Radiofrequency Radiation Studies: John Bucher, Chad Blystone, Mark Cesta, Susan Elmore, Paul Foster, Michelle Hooth, Grace Kissling, David Malarkey, Robert Sills, Stephanie Smith-Roe, Matthew Stout, Nigel Walker, Kristine Witt, Mary Wolfe, Michael Wyde.

Climate Change and Human Health Literature Portal — For outstanding effort and dedication in creating the NIEHS Climate Change and Human Health Literature Portal: John Balbus, Tiffany Bowen, Trisha Castranio, Stephanie Holmgren, Claus Jensen, James Little, Joseph Poccia, Britton Powers, Qasim Rasheed, Kimberly Thigpen Tart.

EHS Fest — For exceptional vision, planning, and execution of the NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences Festival: Sharon Beard, Paul Cacioppo, Trisha Castranio, Jennifer Collins, Yuxia Cui, Symma Finn, Suzanne France, Kimberly Gray, Virginia Guidry, Astrid Haugen, Michelle Heacock, Heather Henry, Michael Humble, John Maruca, Kerri Voelker, Liam O'Fallon, Kristi Pettibone, Nicole Popovich, Britton Powers, Molly Puente, John Schelp, Anne Thompson, Leroy Worth.

Goal 10 — For development and execution of implementation plans for Goal 10 of the NIEHS Strategic Plan, Environmental Health Economic Analysis: Sharon Beard, Caroline Dilworth, Christie Drew, Barbara Gittleman, Virginia Guidry, Michelle Heacock, Alfonso Latoni, Pat Mastin, Sheila Newton, Kristi Pettibone, Molly Puente, Daniel Shaughnessy, Kristina Thayer, Kimberly Thigpen Tart, Mary Wolfe, Demia Wright.

Inflammation Implementation — For advancing collaborations and institute-level awareness of opportunities in inflammation biology: Janice Allen, Barbara Dietz, Michael Fessler, Jean Harry, Michael Humble, Nina Jaitly, Frederick Miller, Shepherd Schurman.

Information Technology Management Committee — For providing outstanding support for IT enterprise at NIEHS: Bernard Brown, Charles Conrad, Allen Dearry, Christie Drew, David Fargo, Christine Flowers, Michelle Hooth, Mary Jacobson, Laurie Johnson, Raja Jothi, Chris Long, Pat Mastin, Alex Merrick, Sheila Newton, Scott Redman, Jack Taylor, Paul Wade, Mitch Williams.

Newsletters Update – For innovation, creativity, and extraordinary design in updating the internal and external NIEHS newsletters, The Connection and Environmental Factor: David Christie, Claus Jensen, Ed Kang, Kelly Lenox, Claire Long, Ellen Moul, Joseph Poccia, Qasim Rasheed, Ian Thomas, Cheryl Thompson, Kenneth Webb, Mitch Williams.

Science in the Cinema — For exemplary creativity in developing and hosting hands-on activities for children and adults as part of the Science in the Cinema community outreach and education program: Abee Boyles, Suzanne Fenton, Adam Filgo, Michael Humble, Huei-Chen Lao, Robin Mackar, Steve McCaw, Ericka Reid, John Roberts, Deirdre Tucker, Nigel Walker.

Scientific Information Team — For substantial strategic support in advancing the missions of the Office of Scientific Information Management and the Office of the Scientific Information Officer: Beth Bowden, John Grovenstein, Stephanie Holmgren, Beth Lauderdale.

Zika Program — For exceptional coordination and collaboration in implementing the National Institutes of Health (NIH) response to the Zika outbreak: Jed Bullock, Kimberly Gray, Heather Henry, Scott Masten, Barry McIntyre, Aubrey Miller.

Unsung Hero Awards

Benny Encarnacion, OM: For exemplary integrity, efficiency, and professionalism in supporting NIEHS extramural programs.

Christopher Fisher, OM: For exemplary efficiency, dedication, service, and professionalism to the Office of Acquisitions and the mission of NIEHS.

Elizabeth McNair, DERT: For exemplary work in implementing administrative tasks, including NIEHS Council-related activities and Funding Opportunity Announcements processes.

Nicole Popovich, DERT: For exemplary integrity, efficiency, and professionalism in administering the activities of DERT.

Rita Ross, Division of Intramural Research (DIR): For being extremely resourceful, efficient, hardworking, knowledgeable, and professional in serving the Biostatistics and Computational Biology Branch.

Valeria Shropshire, OM: For diligence, exceptional customer service, and outstanding dedication to the occupational health, safety, and wellness mission at NIEHS.

Yun Xie, Division of NTP (DNTP): For dedicated service enhancing productivity and efficiency in the DNTP.

Peer Awards

These winners were nominated by their peers for notable and extraordinary assistance to coworkers.

  • Nancy Mitchell, DIR
  • Chris Stone, DIR
  • Michelle Victalino, DERT
  • Myra Westmoreland, DIR

(Ian Thomas is a public affairs specialist with the Office of Communications and Public Liaison, and a regular contributor to the Environmental Factor.)

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