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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

November 2017

Lantz, Balshaw and Hoppin

Cutting-edge exposure science presented at ISES

The International Society of Exposure Science meeting in North Carolina featured advances in sensor technology, accounting for differences among people, and community-based strategies to reduce exposures.

Baird’s research calls for rethinking fertility predictor
Donna Baird

Research by NIEHS epidemiologist Donna Baird and colleagues suggests an accepted predictor of fertility in women needs rethinking.

Falk lecture — endoplasmic reticulum and metabolism, immunity, health
Gokhan Hotamisligil, M.D., Ph.D.

In the annual Falk lecture, Gokhan Hotamisligil discussed the endoplasmic reticulum’s role in sensing and responding to cholesterol levels.

Kelly Ferguson — one of 20 under 40 to watch in environmental health
Kelly Ferguson

NIEHS epidemiologist Kelly Ferguson is an environmental health researcher to watch, says the Collaborative on Health and the Environment.

New links between prenatal exposures and neurodevelopment
Frederica Perera, Dr.P.H., Ph.D.

New studies underscore links between exposures a child experiences in the womb and effects on health and well-being in later life.

Basic science behind male reproduction takes center stage
Phyllis Leppert

The basic science behind male reproduction and fertility took center stage Oct. 13 at a symposium sponsored by NIEHS and the Campion Fund.

Breaking new ground in toxicogenomics
Scott Auerbach

Experts reviewed an approach proposed by National Toxicology Program scientists for analyzing and interpreting chemical potency.

Capitol Hill briefing — autoimmune disease and environmental exposure
Woychik and Miller

A congressional briefing focused on the connections between autoimmune disease and genetic and environmental factors.

NIEHSers among first responders for hurricane relief
Miller leading a team of responders

Three staffers from NIEHS were deployed to assist in hurricane relief — Cmdr. Mark Miller, and volunteers Julie Nixon and James Williams.

New gene related to asthma severity
Samir Kelada, Ph.D.

NIEHS-funded scientists have discovered a mucus-regulating gene that may have important implications for asthma severity.

Arsenic declines in public drinking water
Anne Nigra

Exposure to arsenic in public drinking water significantly declined after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lowered levels in 2006.

Children’s environmental health successes
Environmental exposures in the ealiest stages of human development

October is Children’s Health Month, and a new report highlights work that improves the environmental health of children and communities.

Council green-lights program revision to stimulate collaborations
Jonathan Hollander

The NIEHS advisory council approved revising a program to promote transdisciplinary and translational collaborations.

NIEHS animal care program retains exemplary rating
Kathy Laber

The NIEHS animal care program received an exemplary rating for an unprecedented fourth straight period from AAALAC International.

Learning from the past, training for the future
Shawn Gibbs

Lessons from the Ebola outbreak suggest intensive preparation will be critical to confronting a major epidemic, according to Shawn Gibbs.

Tox Challenge — stage two winners announced
ToxTest Challenge

Toxicity Testing Challenge named five winners for their innovative approaches to including metabolites in high-throughput screenings.

Lancet group estimates deaths and economic costs from pollution
Bill Suk

The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health linked pollution to 1 in 6 deaths worldwide and to $4.6 trillion in economic costs each year.

NIEHS expands recognition during Fellows’ Appreciation Week
Tammy Collins

NIEHS honored the critical contributions of all trainees, including predoctoral and postbaccalaureate fellows, with a week full of events.

New NCI Director Sharpless talks at NIEHS on cancer and aging
Ned Sharpless

New NCI Director Norman Sharpless spoke at NIEHS in August on interactions between cancer and aging.


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