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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

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September 2016

Quan Lu, Ph.D.
Study sheds light on lead’s neurotoxic effects

New findings suggest lead may trigger oxidative stress in neural stem cells, which could cause damage at a key point in development.

Harmon Quaker
Vitamin D levels may drop when women stop using birth control

Women’s vitamin D levels may fall when they stop using contraceptives that contain estrogen, according to a new study by NIEHS scientists.

Peter Thorne, Ph.D.
Microbe-rich environments may trigger immune system, prevent asthma

An NIEHS-supported study in New England Journal of Medicine reports that life on farms with livestock may help Amish children avoid asthma.

Shuk-mei Ho
Epigenetics may improve prediction of prostate cancer threat

Two research groups used different methods to discover epigenetic biomarkers that may prove helpful in improving prostate cancer prediction.


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