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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

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September 2016

group picture

Appalachian forum emphasizes community

The Appalachian Health and Well-Being Forum, held in southeastern Kentucky, focused on long-standing health disparities in the region.

Summer interns shine at annual poster day
Wade and Anand

More than 40 high school, college, and graduate students shared their summer intern research during the annual poster session.

Disaster Research Response takes next steps
Aubrey K. Miller, M.D., M.P.H.

Aubrey Miller explains National Institutes of Health efforts to initiate studies after disasters, ensuring community involvement.

Study sheds light on lead’s neurotoxic effects
Quan Lu, Ph.D.

New findings suggest lead may trigger oxidative stress in neural stem cells, which could cause damage at a key point in development.

Towards greater diversity in science
Donna Ginther, Ph.D.

Labor economist Donna Ginther, Ph.D., shared her research on racial, ethnic, and gender balance in National Institutes of Health grant awards.

Chris Long named NIEHS Executive Officer
Chris Long

On Aug. 7, Chris Long was named NIEHS associate director for management, also known as the executive officer.

New group will develop disaster research best practices
Joan Packenham, Ph.D

A working group to develop guidelines for research in the aftermath of disasters drew a broad group of stakeholders to its inaugural meeting.

Vitamin D levels may drop when women stop using birth control
Harmon Quaker

Women’s vitamin D levels may fall when they stop using contraceptives that contain estrogen, according to a new study by NIEHS scientists.

Tenure means commitment to the future for two NIEHS scientists
Hu Guang

Two NIEHS researchers, Guang Hu, Ph.D., and Scott Williams, Ph.D., were awarded tenure Aug. 1 by the National Institutes of Health.

Langer awarded prestigious PRAT fellowship
Lee Langer, Ph.D.

NIEHS trainee Lee Langer won a Postdoctoral Research Associate (PRAT) Program fellowship to further his studies in stem cell biology.

2016 Feds Feed Families campaign closes strong
Fed Feeds Families

This year’s Feds Feed Families campaign collected 3,125 pounds of food, hygiene, and other supplies, for local food banks.

Research needed on low-dose chemical mixtures and cancer
Mark Miller

Authors of a new paper call for research on whether environmental exposures to mixtures of noncarcinogenic chemicals may lead to cancer.

Safety training for community members involved in cleanup
Group of people in hazmat suits

Local residents received training to protect health and safety in new jobs cleaning up lead contamination near a battery recycling plant.

Microbe-rich environments may trigger immune system, prevent asthma
Peter Thorne, Ph.D.

An NIEHS-supported study in New England Journal of Medicine reports that life on farms with livestock may help Amish children avoid asthma.

NIEHS trainees repeat excellent performance in FARE competition
Georgia Alexander

NIEHS was again among the top performers in the annual Fellows Award for Research Excellence competition, with 18 winners.

Fellow scientists honor James Putney Jr.
Putney and Cidlowski

Fellow scientists honored NIEHS scientist James Putney Jr., Ph.D., for 40 years of lasting contributions to the study of calcium signaling.

Epigenetics may improve prediction of prostate cancer threat
Shuk-mei Ho

Two research groups used different methods to discover epigenetic biomarkers that may prove helpful in improving prostate cancer prediction.

Six promising Superfund trainees receive K.C. Donnelly awards
Sara Flanagan

Six promising Superfund Research Program trainees received K.C. Donnelly Externship Award Supplements to study at other institutions.


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