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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

July 2016

GEH Organizers and fellows

Anniversary year features first NIEHS Global Environmental Health Day

Scientists, policy experts, and students from the local area discussed efforts to advance global environmental health, through research, collaboration, and education.

New research centers connect environment and children’s health
Kimberly Gray

A new phase of Children’s Centers will study the unique vulnerability of children to pollutants in the environment.

Brown SRP addresses contamination in the Northeast
Senator Jack Reed

Two Brown University SRP events, including a visit by Sen. Reed and Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., focused on environmental health and site cleanup.

New tool enables studies of brain structure and function
Patricia Jensen

Researchers at NIEHS developed mice that will help researchers study the identities and functions of different cell types in the brain.

So-called junk DNA is integral to the epigenome
Ting Wang, Ph.D.

Ting Wang, Ph.D., discussed the role of transposable elements in gene regulation and the evolution of the epigenome, in a June 7 seminar.

NIH launches large study of pregnant women and Zika
Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D.

NIEHS is joining a National Institutes of Health study of risks that Zika infection poses to pregnant women, their fetuses, and infants.

Are we ready for a potential increase in Parkinson incidence?
Honglei Chen

NIEHS epidemiologist Honglei Chen, Ph.D., asked that question in his editorial on a study in JAMA Neurology, on Parkinson’s disease trends.

Strong showing from NIEHS in NIH Director’s Awards
Raja Jothi, Ph.D.

Twenty-two NIEHS staff and contractors were selected for 2016 National Institutes of Health Director’s Awards — an exceptional showing.

NTP board advises on study nominations and more
Scott Masten, Ph.D.

At the NTP Board of Scientific Counselors June meeting, Scott Masten, Ph.D., reviewed nominations, setting the stage for discussion of new studies.

NIEHS promotes innovative science at Epidemiology Congress of the Americas
Collman, Strickland, Buckley, Chen, Claus Henn, Dilworth, and Joubert

NIEHS promoted novel statistical applications and grant writing resources at the Epidemiology Congress of the Americas meeting in Miami.

Research on botanicals takes center stage at community event
Stephanie Smith-Roe

National Toxicology Program genetic toxicologist Stephanie Smith-Roe, Ph.D., shared black cohosh research at a lunchtime seminar.

Plan to replace animal use shared at public forum
Casey Warren

Efforts to develop a U.S. roadmap for replacement of animal use were highlighted at a May 25 public forum.

Pride month celebrates sexual and gender diversity
Albert Smith speaking

The National Institutes of Health marked Pride 2016 by promoting health research and equal opportunity for sexual and gender minorities.



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