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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

February 2016

Amy Schultz and Guy Williams

Research to Action program gets results

Community and academic partners in the NIEHS Research to Action program met Jan. 12-13 to share results and form new collaborations.

Headshot of Terry Orr-Weaver
Orr-Weaver discusses “most remarkable transition in all of biology”

The first Distinguished Lecture of 2016 featured Terry Orr-Weaver, Ph.D., from MIT, discussing how oocytes transition into eggs.

Brinbaum and Ho
Congressional briefing highlights NIEHS endocrine disruptor research

The NIEHS director and two grantees briefed congressional staff on health risks from early life exposures to endocrine disruptors.

Headshot of Jessica Williams
Enzyme’s role in genome integrity discovered

NIEHS researchers and collaborators reported that the enzyme RNaseH2 is essential for maintaining the integrity of DNA in yeast.

Headshot of Masa Negishi
Negishi wins 2016 Brodie Award

In January, NIEHS researcher Masahiko Negishi, Ph.D., was named recipient of the Bernard B. Brodie Award in Drug Metabolism.

Phillips, Saini, and Wilson
Fellows give small talks on the big picture of research

The popular Big Picture, Small Talk series challenges NIEHS trainees to discuss their research with a broad audience in 3 minutes or less.

The National Academy of Sciences In Service To The Nation
Microbiome and environmental health highlighted at workshop

At a workshop convened by the National Academy of Sciences, scientists explored the microbiome and its role in environmental health.

Headshot of Richard Di Giulio
Killifish adapt to PAH exposure, but at what cost?

Generations of exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons appear to lead to adaptations in killifish, accompanied by higher mortality rates.

AAAS logo - Advancing Science, Serving Society
NIEHS grantees among new AAAS fellows

Five current and former NIEHS grantees were elected to the 2015 class of fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

People running
NIEHS tops $93K in donations for 2015 Combined Federal Campaign

NIEHS scientists and staff raised more than $93,800 for the 2015 Combined Federal Campaign, serving needs both local and worldwide.

Tox21 logo
Feds launch $1 million toxicity testing challenge

Innovative thinkers are sought for a $1 million federal challenge to advance the field of predictive toxicology by addressing metabolites.

Arsenic Logo
Arsenic uptake discovery could lead to safer rice

An international team of researchers has made a key discovery in mystery of how environmental arsenic ends up in grains of rice.

map of Taiwan
Environmental epidemiologist Chen elected vice president of Taiwan

Chen Chien-Jen, Sc.D., influential researcher and a collaborator with NIEHS-funded scientists, was elected Taiwan’s vice president in January.

Samantha Hoopes standing in front of framed photos
Trainees mount scientific photo exhibit at NIEHS

Scientific images showcasing the range of research conducted at NIEHS now grace the hallways of the Rall building.

Default Alt Text
NIEHS reaches out to earth systems scientists

The January meeting of the American Meteorological Society included a focus on earth sciences and health, thanks to NIEHS involvement.

Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D. Director, NIEHS & NTP presenting the Unsung Hero Award to Wendy Montaque
Annual NIEHS awards recognize outstanding 2015 achievements

The annual NIEHS awards ceremony commemorated the institute’s 50th anniversary, honoring teams and individuals for accomplishments in 2015.

Paul Nettesheim M.D.
Pulmonary biologist Paul Nettesheim dies at age 82

Internationally recognized pulmonary biologist and long-time NIEHS researcher Paul Nettesheim, M.D., passed away Jan. 16.


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