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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

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November 2016

Fall events raise awareness of Combined Federal Campaign charities

NIEHS launched the 2016 Combined Federal Campaign with a Sept. 22 presentation and bake sale, and the Fall Fest followed Oct. 19.

Each fall, organizers of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) plan an array of activities to encourage federal employees to support more than 24,000 organizations. At NIEHS, the Sept. 22 campaign kick-off featured a presentation from a local charity and the sale of donated baked goods and other treats. The annual Fall Fest and charity fair followed on Oct. 19, with the second year of several food trucks visiting the institute.

This year’s drive features the theme Hope, Share, Love, and organizers at NIEHS set a goal of raising more than $100,000 in charitable pledges by Dec. 15.

“Donating to CFC strikes at the heart of our mission as federal employees to serve the American people,” said NIEHS Administrative Specialist Shannon Duncan, one of this year’s co-chairs. “Even a few dollars per donation really adds up.”

A celebration of giving

NIEHS hosts a rich variety of events throughout the fall to raise awareness and promote giving. These include bake sales, a silent auction, a virtual charity fair, and a raffle for the director’s parking space close to the Rall building.

Among the biggest of these events is the annual NIEHS Fall Fest. This daylong festival offers employees the chance to meet representatives from dozens of charities they can support, while enjoying food and fellowship with co-workers over food truck offerings and other activities.

“Picking a charity to pledge to can be a little overwhelming for some, because there are so many to choose from,” said Claire Long, a management specialist with the Administrative Services and Analysis Branch and a lead Fall Fest organizer. “That’s why events like Fall Fest are so important, because they put employees face-to-face with the causes they’re supporting.”

The evolution of CFC

The CFC mission is to support philanthropy through an employee-focused program that is cost-efficient and effective in providing federal workers the chance to improve life for others. In the beginning, much of that giving was locally-oriented. Now, however, employees can pledge to any cause they wish through a national database of affiliated charities.

“The joy of opening up pledge options to charities nationwide is that it allows our employees to find causes they relate to on a personal level,” said CFC co-chair David Bullard, from the institute’s procurement office. “Whether devoted to animals, veterans’ health, or sustainable living, there’s something there for everyone.”

Since its 1961 beginning, CFC has become the leading employee giving program in the country, raising more than $5 billion in total for charity.

(Ian Thomas is a public affairs specialist with the Office of Communications and Public Liaison, and a regular contributor to the Environmental Factor.)

Jenn Evans and Kathy Mesner Jenn Evans, left, and Kathy Mesner, both from the NIEHS Office of Management, helped sell donated treats at the CFC bake sale. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)
Heather Graham Heather Graham of Habitat for Humanity of Durham shared her personal history with the organization and the difference it has made for local families. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)
Kristin Gabor and XiaoPing Yang Several groups participating in Fall Fest 2016 set up tables outside to soak up the day’s beautiful weather. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)
Kelly Powell Kelly Powell, left, from the Office of Management, met the four-legged representatives from one of several animal-related charities at Fall Fest 2016. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)
Regina Stabile Regina Stabile, right, from the NIEHS Office of Communications and Public Liaison, explored the displays inside the Rall Building. (Photo courtesy of Regina Stabile)
Bob Petrovich and Shannon Duncan From left, Bob Petrovich, Ph.D., Duncan, and Bullard were among the staff busy at Fall Fest. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)
Mike Fessler Mike Fessler, M.D., of the NIEHS Division of Intramural Research, like many NIEHS employees, enjoyed lunch from one of the food trucks during Fall Fest. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)
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