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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

November 2016

WTP Richard Hunt
Ebola and infectious disease biosafety training launched

Worker-related risks of emerging infectious diseases and best approaches for interventions to decrease risk in a variety of occupational settings.

ELITE Planning Team
Fellows get an ELITE introduction to local industry

The ELITE program supports postdoc career searches via visits to local industry — such as the Duke University Office of Clinical Research.

Geoffrey Mueller
Dust mite proteins that cause allergies are more stable, more abundant

A new study finds dust mite allergens are more chemically stable and abundant than other dust mite proteins — a possible clue to allergies.

Children's Environmental Health Day Logo
Children’s environmental health gains visibility

The first Children's Environmental Health Day and a website launch raised awareness and increase public outreach for this important issue.

Balbus and Witherspoon
Children’s Environmental Health Network awards Balbus

NIEHS Senior Advisor for Public Health John Balbus, M.D., received the CEHN Carol Stroebel Health Policy Award at an Oct. 13 ceremony.

Rebecca Fry
Fry leads community talk on metals exposure and health

NIEHS grantee Rebecca Fry, Ph.D., presented the first Tarheel Tox Talk, a new public outreach program at the University of North Carolina.

Howard Chang
RNA molecule regulates cellular response to DNA damage

Stanford researchers partly funded by NIEHS identified a new RNA molecule, called DINO, that can control a cell’s response to DNA damage.

Ferguson discusses phthalates and pregnancy

In a Duke University seminar, NIEHS epidemiologist Kelly Ferguson, Ph.D., discussed links between phthalate exposure and pregnancy outcomes.

Casey Warren SACATM
New initiative to modernize regulatory toxicity testing

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Alternative Methods wholeheartedly endorsed speeding up efforts to reduce animals use in toxicology testing.

Jesse Cushman
Cushman takes on new NIEHS neurobehavioral research facility

Jesse Cushman, Ph.D., leads the new NIEHS Neurobehavioral Core Laboratory, a resource for in-house researchers and trainees.

David Bullard and Shannon Duncan
Fall events raise awareness of Combined Federal Campaign charities

NIEHS launched the 2016 Combined Federal Campaign with a Sept. 22 presentation and bake sale, and the Fall Fest followed Oct. 19.



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