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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

October 2016

Children running through field

NIH launches new programs for children’s environmental health

New initiatives by the National Institutes of Health encourage study of how a child’s early environment may affect health and development.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month — NIEHS prioritizes prevention
Breast Cancer and the Environment flyer

NIEHS efforts to fight breast cancer focus on environmental exposures that affect risk, and translating that knowledge into prevention.

NIEHS research sheds light on variation in severity of RSV disease
Steve Kleeberger

NIEHS scientists have discovered a gene mutation that contributes to the severity of a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection.

Trainee contributions celebrated during Postdoc Appreciation Week
Group photo of NTA

Trainees and the contributions they make to the NIEHS mission took center stage during the week of Sept. 19.

NIEHS clinical researcher receives Research and Hope Award
Lisa Rider

NIEHS researcher Lisa Rider, M.D., received the 2016 Research & Hope Award from PhRMA, for her work on juvenile myositis.

Furniture manufacturers invite talk on assessing safer chemicals
AHFA logo

A group of furniture manufacturers invited Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., to speak on finding safer alternatives to chemicals used in the industry.

FDA ban on antibacterials in soaps informed by SRP research
Bruce Hammock

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s ban on certain antibacterials in soaps was informed in part by Superfund Research Program studies.

Case study on hexavalent chromium reflects impact of NTP research
Mary Wolfe

Using hexavalent chromium as a case study, the National Toxicology Program developed a new approach to evaluating impact of its research.

Tang named Women Scientist Advisors Scholar
Tang, Sara Deasy, and Tish Murphy, Ph.D.,

NIEHS trainee Shuang Tang, M.D., Ph.D., is one of two 2016 NIH Women Scientist Advisors Scholars, chosen from among 90 female FARE winners.

New frontiers energize council
Linda Birnbaum and Vi Waghiyi

New ideas in environmental health research took center stage at the meeting of the National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council.

Brain benefits of aerobic exercise lost to mercury exposure
Philippe Grandjean, M.D.

NIEHS grantees found that cognitive function improved with exercise, but not for people exposed to high levels of mercury before birth.

Environmental justice award recognizes Health and Human Services
Sandra Howard

The Department of Health and Human Services received an award for environmental justice, and NIEHS efforts were an important factor.

CRISPR and the genome editing revolution
Rodolphe Barrangou, Ph.D.

Rodolphe Barrangou, Ph.D., spoke at NIEHS about the possibilities and challenges of CRISPR genome editing technology.

Fracking tied to adverse health effects in Pennsylvania
Brian Schwartz

NIEHS-funded researchers at Johns Hopkins reported that fracking in Pennsylvania was associated with migraines, fatigue, and sinus problems.

Experience and dedication honored at Years of Service ceremony
Laurie Johnson

NIEHS employees and leadership gathered Sept. 26 for the annual Years of Service ceremony, recognizing long-term public servants and retirees.

Li to lead NIEHS Integrative Bioinformatics Support Group
Jian-Liang (Jason) Li

NIEHS welcomes Jian-Liang (Jason) Li, Ph.D., as the new head of the Integrative Bioinformatics Support Group.

Environmental factors help explain persistent public health patterns
James Loyd speaking behind podium

Lloyd Michener, M.D., discussed new efforts to improve public health, and the role of environmental factors in persistent health concerns.

The placenta — early mediator of environmental exposure
Jennifer Adibi, Sc.D speaking

In a Keystone seminar, Jennifer Adibi, Sc.D., described how the placenta secretes hormones and serves as a buffer from the environment.



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