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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

January 2016

Environmental Factor celebrates with new design

The Environmental Factor is celebrating the 50th anniversary of NIEHS by launching a fully redesigned site, optimized for mobile devices.

The Environmental Factor is celebrating the NIEHS 50th anniversary by launching a fully redesigned site. We reached out to readers both near and far, holding focus groups, collecting survey responses, and reviewing feedback on our design and content. To those who participated in reviewing early layouts, please accept our sincere thanks for sharing your experiences with the Environmental Factor, and how it could better serve you. We listened and are happy to provide you with a new design that:

  • Is optimized for mobile devices, including tablets and phones.
  • Sports a contemporary, clean design for better readability.
  • Prominently displays key stories.
  • Divides content into five sections, to help you navigate to the stories that interest you most (see below for more detail).
  • Provides a calendar of events that lists the event, with a link to the details, and also includes an Add to Calendar function.
  • Makes slideshows more visible with easy to find buttons for advancing through the images.
  • Simplifies sharing on social media, with buttons at the bottom of every story.
  • Offers an improved print format.
  • Adds a link to the NIEHS grants page, for current and future grantees.

The new tabs and sections are as follows.

All Articles displays all stories in the issue, with color-coded bars to indicate which section the story is in. 

Science Highlights includes news of conferences, seminars, and other scientific events. 

Community Impact highlights ways that NIEHS makes a difference in communities, both local and world-wide, through community outreach, education, and training. 

Papers Published is where you’ll find summaries of papers of the month, and feature stories on recent papers. 

Awards and Recognition contains stories about honors, awards, tenure, and other recognition, as well as career moves among NIEHS-related folks. 

Beyond the Bench provides a peek into activities at NIEHS outside of research pursuits.

Take some time to read stories in all the sections and check out the new features. We invite your comments, using the email link at the bottom of the page.

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