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Environmental Factor, September 2015

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Interindividual variability highlighted in upcoming workshop

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NIEHS and the National Research Council (NRC) will hold a free workshop Sept. 30 ­– Oct. 1 to explore the factors that affect how an individual responds to environmental stress. Interindividual Variability: New Ways to Study and Implications for Decision Making will focus on recent scientific advances that could shed light on sources of variation in responses between different people.

Within any population, factors such as inherited characteristics, stress, body weight, and genetics can influence the type and degree of response that people may have to environmental stressors.  Accounting for this interindividual variability is a challenge for decision-makers tasked with setting chemical safety regulations.

The workshop will include presentations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions on topics such as:

  •  In vitro toxicology methods using highly diverse cell lines.
  •  In vivo methods using highly diverse animal populations.
  •  Epidemiologic analytical approaches that explore mediators within the causal pathway.

The event is part of the NRC Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions series and will be held at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Keck Center. The workshop will also be webcast.

Join researchers, professionals, and policy experts to explore new tools and how they may be used to advance the science behind risk-based decisions. Registration is required, whether attending in person or via webcast.

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