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Environmental Factor, April 2015

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New NHALES study will help asthma sufferers

By Robin Arnette

Headshot of Stravros Garantziotis

Individuals with moderate to severe asthma can receive free treatment and medications by joining a new health study at the NIEHS Clinical Research Unit. The Natural History of Asthma with Longitudinal Environmental Sampling study, or NHALES, will help scientists understand how the environment affects asthma symptoms. In particular, NIEHS scientists will examine how bacteria living in and on humans and in their homes, known collectively as the microbiome, may be associated with asthma activity.

Stavros Garantziotis, M.D., lead researcher for NHALES, said volunteers will visit the Clinical Research Unit in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, approximately twice a year during the course of the five-year study. Study members will undergo physicals and breathing tests, give biological samples, and complete questionnaires. They will be compensated financially for their time, and will receive an additional benefit. "NHALES participants will be seeing an asthma specialist twice a year, or more frequently if they experience asthma attacks, and will get their medicines at no cost," Garantziotis said.

Asthma patients who are 18-60 years old, nonsmokers, and not pregnant or breastfeeding are eligible to join NHALES.

NHALES contact: or 919-541-9846

Join NHALES And Get Your Asthma Under Control

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