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Environmental Factor, November 2014

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NIEHS fellow begins career in biopharma

By Deepa Singh

Headshot of Gosavi

Gosavi credited Tammy Collins, Ph.D., director of the NIEHS Office of Fellows’ Career Development, for offering a wealth of resources in improving resumes and job presentations to best suit the job requirements. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Headshot of Pedersen

“There is probably nothing more rewarding as a supervisor than when your postdoc gets a job that they are really excited about,” said Pedersen. “It’s very encouraging to know that the skill sets postdocs obtain at NIEHS are desired by industry, including local companies, allow for easy transition without uprooting families.” (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Research fellow Raj Gosavi, Ph.D., began a new position Sept. 29 as a bioanalytical and formulation scientist at KBI Biopharma. Gosavi is involved in characterization and stability studies of investigational new drugs that will undergo clinical testing.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, KBI Biopharma is a contract research organization that helps a range of clients, including emerging and established biopharmaceutical companies, by providing support in protein characterization, formulation, process design and development, and manufacturing.

Well-rounded training

Gosavi obtained his Ph.D. in chemical engineering for studying the effects of additives on protein solubility and nucleation of protein crystals. His graduate work introduced him to the field of protein crystallization, and in 2008, he joined the NIEHS Collaborative X-ray Crystallography Group, headed by Lars Pedersen, Ph.D. In Pedersen’s lab, Gosavi was involved in structural characterization of several proteins, such as allergens, as well as DNA repair and hormone regulating enzymes.

“My move to structural biology was intended to help find a career in the biopharmaceutical industry, and the training in Pedersen’s lab allowed me to move in my desired direction,” Gosavi said.

“I am really excited for Raj and looking forward to watching him advance in his new career,” said Pedersen.

Career resources provided by NIEHS

Gosavi credited the numerous resources and networking opportunities available to fellows at NIEHS. Working in a collaborative lab allowed Gosavi to collaborate with several other labs in the institute and required him to handle multiple projects at one time.

Gosavi highlighted the value of his roles as chair of the NIEHS Trainees Assembly Steering Committee in 2010 and as co-chair of the 2010 NIEHS Biomedical Career Fair. “These experiences provided me valuable leadership and teamwork qualities, and helped build a professional network that was extremely helpful during the job search,” he said.

Of his current adventure, Gosavi remarked, “To be part of a team that helps in developing better medicines is a rewarding and motivating experience in itself.”

(Deepa Singh, Ph.D., is a visiting fellow in the NIEHS Mechanisms of Mutation Group.)

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