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Environmental Factor, May 2013

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This month in EHP

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This month’s features in Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)( examine the health impacts of Hurricane Sandy and environmental exposures in child care centers.

The Long Road to Recovery: Environmental Health Impacts of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, which struck the East Coast of the United States Oct. 29, 2012, was the largest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. It reached more than 1,000 miles in diameter and affected 24 states from Florida to Maine. Every layer of society felt the effects of the hurricane, and as the recovery and rebuilding move forward, the environmental health impacts of Hurricane Sandy continue to unfold.

Environmental Exposures in the Context of Child Care

Because infants and toddlers experience the world with their hands and mouths, they are more exposed and more sensitive to toxic substances indoors. Yet, environmental health standards in child care settings nationwide, which include not just private centers, but also a variety of other venues, lag behind those of schools. While national child care regulations appear unlikely anytime soon, experts say the child care industry is on the verge of a breakthrough in environmental health.

Featured research and related news articles this month include:

  • Source Attribution of Health Benefits From Air Pollution Abatement in Canada and the United States: An Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis — Reverse Influence Modeling: Estimating Source-by-Source Health Benefits of Reduced Emissions
  • Individual Day-Time Noise Exposure During Routine Activities and Heart Rate Variability in Adults: A Repeated Measures Study — Pathways for Processing Noise: Heart Health and the Sounds of Everyday Life
  • Urinary Metabolites of Organophosphate Flame Retardants: Temporal Variability and Correlations with House Dust Concentrations — New Details on Organophosphate Flame Retardants: Exposure in Men Appears Stable Over Time
  • Pit Latrines and Their Impacts on Groundwater Quality: A Systematic Review — Pit Latrines and Groundwater Contamination: Negative Impacts of a Popular Sanitation Method

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