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Environmental Factor, October 2013

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Cover of October 2013 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)

The current issue of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)( , published Oct. 1, highlights the transgenerational impacts of chemical exposure and the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Because of the interruption in government operations last month, EHP will publish its combined November-December issue Dec. 2.

Uncertain Inheritance: Transgenerational Effects of Environmental Exposures

Several researchers have reported transgenerational effects in animals exposed to a number of chemicals, including permethrin, DEET, bisphenol A, several phthalates, dioxin, jet fuel mixtures, nicotine, and tributyltin, among others. Although no data yet exist for adverse effects in the great-grandchildren of exposed humans, several studies have documented multigenerational chemical impacts. The new findings are spurring a reevaluation of how scientists perceive environmental health threats, but how environmental exposures cause multigenerational and transgenerational effects remain unclear.

The Minamata Convention on Mercury: A First Step Toward Protecting Future Generations

The Minamata disaster, the first large-scale incident of methylmercury poisoning, drew the world’s attention to the devastating effects of this powerful neurotoxicant, now known to be particularly dangerous to fetuses, infants, and young children. In October 2013, a new legally-binding instrument for the global control of mercury pollution will be opened for signature at a diplomatic conference in Japan. Named the Minamata Convention on Mercury, the agreement is a response to the realization that mercury pollution is a global problem that no one country can solve alone.

Featured research and related news articles this month include:

Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Environmental Suitability for Malaria Transmission in West Africa — A New Breed of Model: Estimating the Impact of Climate Change on Malaria Transmission

Bulky DNA Adducts in Cord Blood, Maternal Fruit-and-Vegetable Consumption, and Birth Weight in a European Mother-Child Study (NewGeneris) — Prenatal Protection? Maternal Diet and Bulky DNA Adducts

Early Life Arsenic Exposure and Acute and Long-term Responses to Influenza A Infection in Mice — Arsenic Handicap? Prenatal Exposure Worsens Influenza Infections in Young Mice

Mimicking of Estradiol Binding by Flame Retardants and Their Metabolites: A Crystallographic Analysis — Mechanism for Mimicry: Study Demonstrates How Flame Retardants Bind Key Protein

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