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Environmental Factor, March 2012

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NIEHS and NTP to lead events at 51st SOT meeting

By Ed Kang

Banner of SOT annual Meeting: SOT | Annual Meeting & ToxExpo (trademark) March 11-15, 2012 (San Francisco California)

2012 marks the 51st annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) and, this year, scientists and program managers from NIEHS and NTP, including Director Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., will be on hand to showcase new strategic directions, new opportunities for collaboration, and new technologies. The SOT meeting is the largest gathering of its kind, drawing 7,500 toxicologists and other attendees from around the world. 

In addition to 75 poster presentations and 30 scientific talks given by NIEHS and NTP staff throughout the five-day meeting, one of the much-anticipated events is an update from the NIEHS/NTP director on the state of federally funded science and emerging trends in toxicology research. 

This year, Birnbaum will use the venue to update the toxicology community on the soon to be final, five-year strategic plan for the Institute. The plan has been in development for about a year, with NIEHS leadership and staff working collaboratively with public stakeholders.

"We kicked off the planning process for our strategic plan at SOT a year ago, and I’m thrilled to now be giving a report on our nearly completed work," said Birnbaum, who was president of the society in 2004 and continues to take an active leadership role. “Our new strategic plan will be a clear vision for how this Institute will continue to be a global leader in environmental health.”

In addition to new strategic directions, the staff of the NIEHS Division of Extramural Research and Training will be available to speak with current grantees and those interested in exploring new federal research funding opportunities. Program administrators from NIEHS will be answering questions about scientific review and grant opportunities.

In addition to one-on-one consultations, a luncheon seminar titled “Strategies for Submitting Successful Grants” will focus on first-time or previously unsuccessful grant submitters. Panelists will be on hand to talk about the ins and outs of what makes a successful grant submission; what to do before putting pen to paper; how to write the grant; what strategies are used to help make grant submissions stand out; and how the application progresses through the review process.

NTP is also using the SOT meeting as an opportunity to showcase powerful new technologies that enable toxicologists to increase the efficiency of toxicological assessments and reduce the time needed for data collection, analysis, and reporting.

The Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS) database integrates toxicology and toxicogenomics study information. Users can easily search and download data from more than 9,000 studies on different chemicals and drugs.

DrugMatrix ® is one of the world’s largest toxicogenomic reference resources ever assembled, and provides free access to profiles of 638 different compounds and drug signatures for more than 50 pathological endpoints. Users also have access to a reporting system called ToxFX®, which works with DrugMatrix to create fully annotated reports in minutes.

There will be live demonstrations of CEBS, DrugMatrix, and ToxFX at the meeting.

(Ed Kang is a public affairs specialist in the Office of Communications and Public Liaison and a regular contributor to the Environmental Factor.)

Don’t miss the following events at this year’s 51stmeeting of the Society of Toxicology:

NIEHS, NTP, and EHP Exhibit

Monday, March 12 — 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Tuesday-Wednesday, March 13-14 — 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Booth 2037/2039/2137

Special Symposium: Meet the Director
Wednesday, March 14 — 9:00-11:45 a.m.

Room 302

Exhibitor Hosted Session: Introduction to the DrugMatrix and ToxFX Toxicogenomic Database and Analysis Tools

Monday, March 12 — 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Room 105

Breast Cancer as a Multifactorial Disease: Interaction of Genetics, Life Stage, and the Environment

Monday, March 12 — 2:00–4:45 p.m.

Room 103

Scientific, Regulatory, and Public Perspectives on the Credibility and Use of Alternative Toxicological Test Methods in a Legislative Framework
Wednesday, March 14 — 12:00-1:20 p.m.

Room 307

For a full list of the 100+ sessions, posters, and seminars by NIEHS and NTP staff, download the meeting program.

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