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October 2011

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CFC launches 2011 campaign

By Eddy Ball
October 2011

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Ron Cannon, Ph.D.

NIEHS CFC co-chair Ron Cannon (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

NIEHS will kick off its 2011 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Oct. 4 with a goal of raising more than $100,000 in pledges for charitable contributions from employees by the time the campaign closes Dec. 15. The campaign, created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. CFC supports more than 2,800 local, national, and international approved charities.

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CFC chairs at NIEHS, staff scientist Ron Cannon, Ph.D., and biologist Cindy Innes said they hope to both exceed their goal and expand participation in the CFC this year. Last year, the CFC exceeded its goal by raising $106,944.01, more than $15,000 greater than the $91,391.88 achieved in 2009.

NIEHS/NTP Director Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., urged employees to share in the Institute's tradition of reaching out to help others. “All of us with jobs during this difficult time are very fortunate,” she said. “I encourage everyone who gave last year to consider giving more in 2011 and people who have not given in the past to join their colleagues by helping to make a difference by participating in CFC this year.”

Although the NIEHS is mid-range in terms of number of employees, compared to other NIH institutes and centers (ICs), Deputy Associate Director for Management Chris Long explained, “We're traditionally in the top third of NIH ICs, in terms of funds raised.” Long is serving as chair for the 2011 Greater North Carolina Area CFC's Local Federal Coordinating Committee.

“The Institute has also long been a leader in the multi-agency, regional campaign, the Greater North Carolina Area CFC( Exit NIEHS,” Long continued. “In 2010, our NIEHS contributions made up nearly 10% of the year's entire Greater N.C. Area campaign total.”

The Greater North Carolina Area CFC was expanded this year and now encompasses the counties that were previously within the boundaries of the CFC of the Central Carolinas, the Piedmont Triad CFC, the Research Triangle Area CFC, and 18 counties that were not previously associated with a CFC. It now serves over 27,000 federal employees in 56 North Carolina counties and 7 South Carolina counties.

Nationwide, federal civilian, military, and postal employees participating in the CFC gave $282 million in 2010. Since its inception in 1961, the CFC has raised more than $6 billion in charitable contributions from federal employees.

Cindy Innes

NIEHS CFC co-chair Cindy Innes (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Chris Long

Greater North Carolina Area CFC Local Federal Coordinating Committee chair Chris Long (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

How to become a part of CFC

Watch for announcements and plan to attend special events scheduled as a part of CFC at NIEHS:

  • Oct. 4 - CFC Kick-off with Charity Fair and Bake Sale
  • Oct. 25-27 - Book, DVD and CD sale in 101 Main Lobby and Keystone Main Entry
  • Oct. 31 - Ice Cream Social and Halloween Costume Contest
  • TBA - Annual Run/Walk Competition with EPA

There was information about approved charities, pledges and processing, and frequently asked questions, as well as a printable pledge card that was used for payroll deductions and one-time cash or check donations.

People who want additional information or help with their pledges can also contact NIEHS CFC division chairs:

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