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May 2011

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EHP and NIEHS celebrate Earth Day 2011

By Eddy Ball
May 2011

a melting glacier

Not surprisingly, materials on global climate change, represented in this beautiful and disturbing image of a melting glacier, are an important part of the special EHP Earth Day compilation. (Photo courtesy of EHP)

The journal Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) is celebrating the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, the birth of the modern environmental movement, with a special page published on April 22 that will stay online for a month. Featured on the page are recently published EHP materials in keeping with the Earth Day theme, linked by striking air, water, land, and climate icons.

Earth Day also happens to be the 18th anniversary of the launch of EHP as a monthly journal. Originally founded in 1972, the journal first served as a vehicle for publishing conference proceedings in the then newly emerging field of environmental health. In 1993 EHP adopted its current format, publishing news and original research. With an impact factor of 6.19, EHP is currently the top-ranked original research journal in the category of public, environmental, and occupational health, according to Journal Citation ReportsĀ® Science Edition.

As EHP's editorial staff explains, Earth Day resources will be diverse enough to appeal to a broad range of audiences, with a compilation of recent EHP news features, perspectives, commentaries, reviews, science education lessons, and podcasts.

The celebration continues at NIEHS

Along with individual planet-nurturing measures, Earth Day activities for NIEHS employees will take place May 4-5 at the main NIEHS campus and the Keystone Building in Research Triangle Park, N.C. The events will include informative exhibits on hybrid and electric vehicles, diesel vehicles, recycling, composting, and the NIEHS Environmental Management System and storm water provisions. Coffee will be provided by a local coffee vendor noted for its sustainability practices.

The Earth Day celebrations are organized and coordinated by the NIEHS Environmental Awareness Advisory Committee.

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