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July 2011

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Suk honored by combustion emissions group

By Eddy Ball
July 2011

Bill Suk, Ph.D.

Along with leading the NIEHS SRP, Suk is the director of the NIEHS Center for Risk and Integrated Sciences. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

NIEHS Superfund Research Program (SRP) founder and Director Bill Suk, Ph.D., was recognized by colleagues with the Adel Sarofim Award for Excellence in Combustion Research. Suk received the award at the 12th International Congress on Combustion By-Products and Their Health Effects: Combustion Engineering and Global Health in the 21st Century - Issues and Challenges( Exit NIEHS, held June 5-8 at Zhejiang University in Hanzhou, China.

The award plaque praised Suk for "Outstanding Professional Achievement in Championing Research on the Origin, Fate, and Health Effects of Combustion Emissions." Suk said afterwards that he was honored by his colleagues' recognition, "But I feel the award really acknowledges the ongoing support for interdisciplinary research, linking applied combustion engineering with basic combustion engineering with health consequences, by the NIEHS Superfund Research Program over the past 20 plus years."

Balancing Suk's self-effacing assessment of the award was his colleague, Louisiana State University (LSU) chemist Barry Dellinger, Ph.D., chair of the congress' executive committee and an SRP grantee( "The award is well deserved," Dellinger said. "Bill pioneered much-needed support of interdisciplinary research that couples biomedical research with research in engineering and the physical sciences, something no one else was doing at the time. Bill's vision and leadership are what's made that happen."

The award is named for chemical engineer and combustion research pioneer Adel Sarofim, Sc.D., who is a senior technical advisor at Reaction Engineering International and former Presidential Professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Utah. Work by Sarofim spanning more than 50 years has led to important advances in combustion science and reductions in the release of pollutants from fossil fuel combustion.

Founded in 1990, the International Congress on Combustion By-Products and Their Health Effects meets biennially to share new developments in the field with scientists from around the world. Suk's award is the second one presented since it was first given in 2007 to Sarofim himself. In 2009, Dellinger was honored for his contributions to combustion engineering.

Along with major support from NIEHS and LSU, the congress enjoyed sponsorship by the National Science Foundation, Electric Power Research Institute, Navistar, Coalition for Responsible Waste Incineration, State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization at Zhejiang University, Institute for Thermal Power Engineering at Zhejiang University, and Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.

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