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January 2011

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CFC has best year yet

By Eddy Ball
January 2011

Chris Long, Linda Birnbaum, Ed Kang, and Christine Flowers celebrate success.

With two weeks still left before the close of the 2010 CFC drive Dec. 15, it was already time to celebrate success. Shown above, left to right, are NIEHS Acting Associate Director for Management Chris Long, NIEHS/NTP Director Linda Birnbaum, Kang, and NIEHS Director of the Office of Communications and Public Liaison Christine Flowers. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

2010 was a banner year for NIEHS participation in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Chaired by NIEHS Public Affairs Specialist Ed Kang, efforts by a small army of volunteers and a full schedule of events (see text box) inspired employees to pledge in record numbers and at record levels this year.

The statistics are impressive and the envy of other agencies across North Carolina, the NIH, and the nation:

  • $106,000 pledged - $12,000 more than the previous record set in 2005, and $15,000 or 15 percent greater than last year
  • 206 participants - the highest overall number and percentage, at 30 percent, since 2005
  • $513 average pledge - including direct contributions by employees who cannot make payroll deductions

Looking back at the three months of planning, special events, and appeals, Kang said, "In my 10 years of federal employment, I've never seen this level of generosity and good will." Kang said he was especially proud of the way NIEHS compares to other federal agencies. "Although we're only 3 percent of the federal workforce of 20,000 employees in the Triangle and Triad, NIEHS represents about 12 percent of the overall fundraising."

Kang added that the other NIH institutes and centers (ICs) in the Washington area have their own reasons to be envious. "At two weeks before deadline, we had already made our pledge goals for this year, something only four much smaller ICs could also boast of accomplishing," he said.

Angelika Zaremba and Tobias Schenk enjoy food.

Food was a big part of the special events of this year's CFC pledge drive. Postdoctoral fellows Angelika Zaremba, left, and Tobias Schenk enjoyed themselves at an ice cream social. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Keyworkers gathered together.

And there was always a place for giveaways to help motivate pledges. Chairs and keyworkers demonstrated their solidarity at one of the many special events. Shown are J.J. Bell-Nichols, seated, and standing left to right, Jenn Evans, Kang, Meg Fender, Judy Hanson, and Eli Ney. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

NIEHS employees playing band music.

As the holiday season approached, the NIEHS band offered its contribution to spark the spirit of giving. From left to right, trumpeter Mike Humble accompanied trombonists Doug Bristol and Dick Sloane as the band helped the audience give a toot about making 2010 a record year. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Chris Long checks in at info table.

A crowd gathered on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency patio for the EPA-NIEHS Fun Run. Shown above, Chris Long, left, registered as division chair Rachel Frawley, seated, explained the route that runners would follow through the NIEHS-EPA campus. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

2010 CFC honor roll

Among the 205 participants who made pledges this year, several employees deserve special mention for their extra efforts to make the campaign a success. Along with their valuable services networking, these employees provided the organization and people power responsible for the drive's events and special features, including the CFC blog Web site, daily updates, charity fair, ice cream socials, raffles, and cafeteria tables.

Division Chairs - Elizabeth Ruben, Division of Extramural Research and Training; Eli Ney, Division of Intramural Research; Rachel Frawley, National Toxicology Program; Judy Hanson, Office of the Director; and Dona McNeill, Office of Management.

Keyworkers - Bonnie Allen, David Armstrong, Pat Barbour, Jeanie Jo Bell-Nichols, Danielle Carlin, Lysandra Castro, Shannon Duncan, Jenn Evans, Meg Fender, Barb Gittleman, Wes Gladwell, Gina Goulding, Christine Johnson, Pat Johnson, Gezell Jones, Denise Lasko, Leslie Lynch, Jacqui Marzec, Beth Miller, Suzy Osborne, Shyamal Peddada, Paul Poliachik, Dudley Riner, Debbie Wilson, and Diane Wilson.

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