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February 2011

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This month in EHP

By Matt Goad
February 2011

February EHP cover - Does the Smoke Ever Really Clear?
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With its image of an ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts, the cover of the February issue of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) is a fitting backdrop for the journal's feature news story - "Does the Smoke Ever Really Clear? Thirdhand Smoke Raises New Concerns." The article takes a look the mixture of toxicants that lingers on surfaces and resorbs into the air, well after the smoke itself clears, and discusses why some researchers believe this so-called thirdhand smoke may be a cause for concern. The issue's second news story, "Avoiding Health Pitfalls of Home Energy-Efficiency Retrofits," examines some of the unhealthy exposures that can accompany popular home weatherization measures.

In this month's podcast(, NIEHS grantee and Heinz Award winner Frederick vom Saal, Ph.D.( Exit NIEHS, talks to host Ashley Ahearn about new research addressing the question of whether results seen in laboratory animals exposed to bisphenol A can be reasonably extrapolated to humans.

Among the reviews and research studies included in this issue are:

  • Chemical Contamination of U.S. Butter
  • PBDEs and Thyroid Hormone-Mediated Neuronal Development
  • Mercury-Containing Products in New York City
  • Heat Waves and U.S. Mortality Risk
  • Arsenic-Induced Inflammation in Placenta

(Matt Goad is a contract writer with the NIEHS Office of Communications and Public Liaison.)

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