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August 2011

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Henry and Thigpen-Tart accepted in leadership program

By Eddy Ball
August 2011

Heather Henry, Ph.D.

Henry oversees several major NIEHS Superfund grants. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Kimberly Thigpen Tart, J.D.

Thigpen Tart was part of the editorial team responsible for the 2010 white paper, "A Human Health perspective on Climate Change," (  Download Adobe Reader (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Two NIEHS employees, Heather Henry, Ph.D., and Kimberly Thigpen Tart, J.D., will be a part of the inaugural NIH Mid-Level Leadership Program( Exit NIEHS in fiscal year 2012.

Henry is currently a health scientist administrator in the NIEHS Superfund Research Program( Thigpen Tart is a program analyst in the NIEHS Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation.

An exciting new opportunity

Acceptance into the program's single class of 28 employees in its initial year was especially competitive, explained NIEHS Deputy Associate Director for Management Chris Long. “In future years, OHR [the NIH Office of Human Resources] expects to provide expanded opportunities [with] potentially multiple classes, which would give a great opportunity for more people to participate,” he said.

The NIH Mid-Level Leadership Program provides GS-12/13/14 and equivalent employees with the leadership skills and knowledge to aid them in effectively leading from both supervisory and non-supervisory positions. Unlike U.S. Office of Personnel Management-mandated supervisory training programs targeting technical supervisory skills, the Mid-Level Leadership Program emphasizes the leadership developmental areas of self-awareness and fulfilling the leadership function, understanding and collaborating with others, and strategic business acumen.

Henry and Thigpen Tart will join their fellow participants in Bethesda, Md., for five two-day training sessions taking place over a period of six months, as well as mentoring and support activities. As part of their experience, between sessions, participants will have on-the-job assignments, where they can apply what they have learned in the workplace.

The Mid-Level Leadership Program is one of several programs offered by the NIH Training Center( Exit NIEHS, which is the dedicated resource for NIH-specific training, professional development programs, and customized solutions to ensure that institutes and centers have a steady supply of talent to provide quality leadership now and into the future.

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