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October 2010

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The October issue of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) is the journal's 13th annual Children's Health Issue. Feature articles elaborate on the theme by addressing “Growing Knowledge: Using Stem Cells to Study Developmental Neurotoxicity” and “Dietary Iodine: Why Are So Many Mothers Not Getting Enough?” The issue also contains twelve scientific studies focusing on children's health, along with studies on other environmental health topics.

EHP October 2010In this month's podcast, host Ashley Ahearn talks with occupational and environmental epidemiologist Manolis Kogevinas, M.D., Ph.D., about his research on the health effects of swimming in chlorinated pools.

Among the research studies included in this issue are:

  • Research Recommendations for 20 Carcinogens
  • Urban Form and Extreme Heat Events
  • Vaccination Response after Exposure to PCBs
  • PBDEs and Thyroid Hormone During Pregnancy
  • Health Effects of Unflued Gas Heaters in Classrooms

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October 2010 Cover Page

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