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Employees honored for years of service

By Eddy Ball
October 2010

Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., NIEHS/NTP Director
Birnbaum's exuberance was infectious, as she praised employees for their longevity and dedication. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

NIEHS Acting Deputy Director Steve Kleeberger, right, presented Birnbaum with a surprise award
Just when she thought it was high time for cake and ice cream, Birnbaum found herself on the receiving end as Kleeberger, right, presented her with a surprise - an award for her own 30 years of government service. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Trish Castranio, left, and Mack Sobhany
Colleagues Trish Castranio, left, and Mack Sobhany enjoyed refreshments following the ceremony. Sobhany was recognized earlier for his decade of service. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

from left to right, Lewin Liu, Pierre Bushel, and Cindy Innes
Awardee Pierre Bushel joined Lewin Liu, left, and Cindy Innes, right, at the reception in the Rall Building lobby. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

NIEHS held its second annual Years of Service Awards Ceremony Aug. 27 in Rodbell Auditorium. NIEHS/NTP Director Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., recognized employees who have reached important milestones in their federal service, celebrating 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th anniversaries, as well as recent retirements.

According to Birnbaum, NIEHS honored a total of 1,110 years of service at the celebration. "It takes a unique type of person to succeed in government," she said. When she initiated the first Years of Service Awards Ceremony in 2009, Birnbaum told the awardees, "Years of service is certainly an important achievement, and it should be singled out for recognition."

Assisted by NIEHS Acting Deputy Director Steve Kleeberger, Ph.D., and NIEHS Chief of Staff Paul Jung, M.D., Birnbaum handed out certificates to employees as honorees came to the stage for a photograph with her. At the conclusion of the ceremony, Kleeberger turned the tables on Birnbaum as he presented her with an unexpected certificate of her own for 30 years of federal service.

The leaders joined honorees and their guests at an ice cream and cake reception afterwards in the main lobby of the Rall Building.

Employees and their milestones

10 Years:

  • Blankenship-Paris, Terry
  • Bushel, Pierre
  • Chandler, Novella (Colleen)
  • Chrysovergis, Kaliopi (Kali)
  • Clayton, Natasha
  • Dimes, Martha
  • Ehrenshaft, Marilyn
  • Fender, Margaret (Meg)
  • Goulding, David
  • Harris, Patricia
  • Hite, Sharon
  • Lawler, Cindy
  • Longley, Matthew
  • Lunn, Ruth
  • Madenspacher, Jennifer
  • McPherson, Christopher
  • Peddada, Shyamal
  • Pinto, Audrey
  • Sever, Michelle
  • Sobhany, Hooramack (Mack)
  • Stefanick, Donna
  • Sutton, Deloris
  • Trotter, Kevin
  • Tucker, Charles (CJ)
  • Wells, Monya
  • Whiteside, Tanya
  • Wilson, Deborah (Debbie)

20 Years:

  • Akiyama, Steven
  • Allen, Janice
  • Bass, Linda
  • Bell, Douglas
  • Bowden, Florence (Beth)
  • Dearry, Allen
  • Edwards, Lori
  • Fields, Sally
  • Flowers, Carolyn
  • Haugen, Astrid
  • Hughes, Joseph (Chip)
  • Jeter, Shawn
  • Kadiiska, Maria
  • Levine, Robert (Rob)
  • Locklear, Jacqueline
  • Lynn, Andrea
  • Paules, Richard (Rick)
  • Reinlib, Leslie (Les)
  • Solomon, Gregory
  • Thigpen Tart, Kimberly
  • Withers, Sheila
  • Zeldin, Darryl

30 Years:

  • Caviness, Adolphus (Al)
  • Fitzgerald, William (Bill)
  • Greenwell, Arnold
  • Hong, Hue-Hua (Lily)
  • Lambert, Jane
  • McGrew, Laura
  • Pagan, Georgina (Georgie)
  • Thompson, Claudia

40 Years:

  • Chhabra, Rajendra (Raj)
  • Hawkins, Thomas (Tom)
  • Larry Judd
  • Willis, William (Bill
  • Wilson, Ralph


  • Anna, Colleen
  • Boyd, Nell
  • Champion, Larry
  • Corbett, Barbara (Jean)
  • Crawford, Diane
  • Grigston, Vicky
  • Lindley, Linda (Lin)
  • Maghan, Leona
  • McCants, Rene
  • Robertson, William (Dav)
  • Shane, Barbara
  • Stasiewicz, Stanley (Stan)
  • Sykes, Destiny

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