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This Month in EHP

By Eddy Ball
June 2010

EHP: Twitter ( news section of the June issue of the NIEHS journal, Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP), examines issues surrounding what is known as greenwashing - advertising that promises more environmental benefit than a product delivers - as well as current efforts to create standards that could take green chemistry from principles into practice.

EHP June 2010The journal's podcast ( for June features an interview with NIEHS Epidemiology Branch Chief Dale Sandler, Ph.D., on what comes next for the groundbreaking Sister Study, now that recruitment of its cohort of 50,000 is complete.

Research highlights in the June issue include a review, Meta-Analyses and Neurotoxicants, and several new studies, including:

  • Particulate Matter (PM) and miRNA Expression
  • Chronic Stress and Air Pollution Susceptibility in Rats
  • Epigenetics and Lead Exposure in Men
  • Chemical Contamination of U.S. Food
  • Global Burden of Aflatoxin-Induced Liver Cancer
  • Global Estimates of Ambient PM Concentrations
  • Urban Area Disadvantage and Under-5 Mortality

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June 2010 Cover Page

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