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This Month in EHP

By Eddy Ball
April 2010

EHP: Twitter ( fries on the cover of the April 2010 Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) could make mouths water - at least until readers digest the story behind the photo. "A Matter of Degrees: Advancing Our Understanding of Acrylamide" reports on the ways high-temperature cooking processes - frying, grilling, and roasting - produce chemicals, such as acrylamide and advanced glycation end products, that can adversely affect health.

EHP April 2010Also making the news section this month is the article "Mystery in a Bottle" that ponders whether the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will require public disclosure of pesticide inerts - ingredients in products serving any purpose besides actually deterring the pest at hand. Under current policy, manufacturers are not required to disclose these ingredients. Critics point out that these inerts are not necessarily harmless and that some actually pose threats to health.

Along with a review of "Air Pollution and Asthma in Children," featured studies in this issue include:

  • "POPs [Persistent Organic Pollutants] and Insulin Resistance Syndrome"
  • "ToxCast: Prioritization of Chemicals for In Vitro Screening"
  • "Atrazine Alters Frog Development in Natural Pond Settings"
  • "Prenatal Phthalate Exposure and Childhood Behavior"
  • "Flame Retardants and Human Brain Cells"

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April 2010 Cover Page

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