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Suk Seeks Input on Superfund Advisory Panel Report

By Eddy Ball
October 2009

Bill Suk
Suk's has asked individuals with an interest in the NIEHS Superfund Research Program to help his staff understand the needs of stakeholders. (Photo courtesy of
Steve McCaw)

As follow-up to the meeting of the NIEHS National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council (NAEHSC)( September 15-16, NIEHS Superfund Research Program Director William Suk, Ph.D., expressed the Program's gratitude for the thoughtful analyses and recommendations by the members of its 2009 External Advisory Panel chaired by William Farland, Ph.D. Suk also invited grantees, stakeholders and partners to provide input on the findings in the Panel's report.

The report is the outcome of a series of teleconferences, a two-day meeting and preparation of a final report. McFarland presented a summary of the findings at the National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council meeting.

The Panel, which was convened to provide input for the development of a framework for the future direction of the Superfund Research Program (SRP), stated that the Program's activities fill an important niche in the science needs for site assessment and remediation and have had a positive impact on public health. The Panel strongly endorsed the Program's long-term commitment to supporting multidisciplinary research and encouraged continued efforts to provide effective and sensitive community outreach to communities directly impacted by Superfund sites. The recommendations also included the development of strategies to establish and maintain effective interactions among the Superfund Agencies and key stakeholders likely to increase the impact of this Program.

Interested parties may submit comments by email to SRP Program Analyst Beth Anderson( or send comments to the following address:

Beth Anderson, Program Analyst
NIEHS Superfund Basic Research Program
Mail Drop K3-04
P.O. Box 12233
RTP, NC 27709

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