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This Month in EHP

By Eddy Ball
January 2009

EHP: June

The June 2009 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives ( is now available online, with a feature story on the growing problem of antibiotic resistance and the emergence of new strains of bacteria. The journal also takes a critical look at the aquaculture industry's impact on the environment as increasing demand for fish leads to the proliferation of fish farms.

A new study surveys modern environmental health hazards in Africa, and a team of researchers led by NIEHS scientist Retha Newbold reports on ovarian pathology in offspring of mice exposed to bisphenol A (BPA) during gestation. In a study of rats exposed to low levels of organophosphate insecticides, researchers discover a possible link between diet and neurodevelopment effects of pesticide exposure. Other new studies address semen quality in young Danish men and perfluoroalkyl acids exposure, the effects of wildfire particulate matter on lung function in mice, and the association between specific pesticides with PCBs and childhood leukemia.

  • The Landscape of Antibiotic Resistance - Looking at the possibilities for reducing or resolving this growing threat to public health
  • Aquaculture Navigates Through Troubled Waters - Weighing the environmental costs of farm-raised fish that are prized for their polyunsaturated fatty acid content
  • Modern Environmental Health Hazards (MEHHs) in Africa - Forecasting the health impact of unmitigated environmental exposures on a population already burdened by poverty, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS
  • Long-Term Effects of Prenatal BPA on the Mouse Reproductive Tract - Offering more evidence of developmental anomalies in offspring linked to maternal exposures during pregnancy
  • High-Fat Diet May Offset Developmental Effects of Parathion - Exploring the link between effects of developmental neurotoxicants and dietary modification in adult rats
  • PFAAs and Semen Quality in Young Men -Reporting that Danish recruits with the highest semen levels of perfluoroalkyl acids had dramatically reduced sperm counts
  • Toxicity of Particulate Matter from California Wildfires - Comparing the lung's response to particulate matter collected from ambient air during wildfires and response to normal ambient air particulate matter concentrations from the same region
  • Organochlorines and Childhood Leukemia - Linking exposures to PCB congeners in home carpet dust to increased incidence of childhood leukemia, with a stronger association found among non-Hispanic whites than among Hispanics

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