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Upcoming Distinguished Lecture Features Kathryn Horwitz

By Eddy Ball
March 2008

Distinguished Lecturer Kathryn Horwitz
Distinguished Lecturer Kathryn Horwitz (Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Horwitz and the University of Colorado Health Science Center)

The 2007-2008 NIEHS Distinguished Lecture Series continues at 11:00 a.m. March 11 with a talk by Kathryn Horwitz, Ph.D., on "Hormonal Regulation of Breast Cancer: Stem Cells and Metastasis." Horwitz' talk will take place in Rodbell Auditorium and be hosted by John Cidlowski, Ph.D., supervisory biologist and head of the Molecular Endocrinology Group of the NIEHS Laboratory of Signal Transduction.

Horwitz is the University Distinguished Professor of Hormones and Breast Cancer at the University of Colorado Health Science Center in Denver. Horwitz oversees a laboratory of 15 collaborating investigators performing research in breast cancer that ranges from basic molecular biology of receptor action in transcription to cell and tumor biology, the role of hormones in metastasis, and translational studies. As a leading National Foundation for Cancer Research project director, she is committed to understanding the role that sex hormones play in the development and progression of breast cancer-and to finding better long-term treatments to fight this devastating disease, which is the most common cancer in women.

The NIEH Distinguished Lecture Series does not have a speaker scheduled in April. The series will continue May 5 with the annual Rodbell Lecture.

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