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Hrynkow Chosen as AAAS Committee Chair

By Eddy Ball
December 2008

Photo of Sharon Hrynkow
Incoming chair of the AAAS Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy Sharon Hrynkow (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Bethesda-based NIEHS Associate Director Sharon Hrynkow, Ph.D., has accepted a November 5 offer from the AAAS Board of Directors of a one-year appointment as chair of the organization’s Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy (COSEPP). Hrynkow has served on the committee as a member and federal liaison for four years.

Hrynkow will assume her new position on February 17, 2009. She describes her new role as one that will give her an opportunity to make certain that environmental health sciences issues have a place in the policy decision-making process.

“I am honored to be asked to lead COSEPP, particularly at a time when the discourse on science and technology policy is increasingly at the fore in federal, state and international agendas,” Hrynkow said. “I look forward to working with COSEPP and AAAS colleagues as we explore a range of critical issues, including the linked agendas of climate change and health, ethical issues surrounding deployment of new technologies, and building the pipeline of next generation scientists, among so many other priority areas.”

Communicating the offer to Hrynkow, AAAS Science and Policy Programs ( NIEHS Associate Director Stephen D. Nelson used the superlatives “significant and highly valued” to describe Hrynkow’s contributions to COSEPP. “It was the Board’s feeling that you are exceptionally qualified to provide effective leadership for COSEPP,” he continued, “and we hope you will be willing and able to serve.”

Created by AAAS in 1973, COSEPP grew out of a Science and Public Policy Studies Group formed by science, engineering and public policy scholars in the late 1960s. The committee serves as the principal advisory body for AAAS activities in science and technology policy, primarily, but not exclusively, at the federal level. The committee also oversees several specific policy-related programs within AAAS.

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