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Alicia Moore Awarded for EEO Contributions

By Lillian Gu
July 2007

Alicia Moore
Biologist Alicia Moore (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Alicia Moore received the 2007 NIH Harvey J. Bullock, Jr. Award for Equal Employment Opportunity Achievement on June 13 in Bethesda, Md. Only one employee out of the 27 Institutes and Centers is chosen each year for "significant contributions in furthering equal opportunity."

A biologist in the Comparative Pathobiology Group in the Laboratory of Experimental Pathology, Moore has been actively involved in promoting equal opportunity since she started working at the NIEHS 16 years ago. However, when a flare of lupus in 2001 weakened her legs and confined her to a wheelchair, Moore's first-hand experience with disability brought her commitment to equal opportunity to another level, inspiring her to help establish the Disability Advocacy Committee (DAC) in May 2005.

"I think it's important that people are aware of the various issues related to diversity and disability. I believe that knowledge is wealth," asserted Moore, who is currently the Chair of DAC.

A spin-off of the NIEHS Diversity Council, DAC provides a support network for employees and visitors with disabilities at NIEHS and helps to improve the employment, conditions and quality of life of employees with disabilities and visitors to the NIEHS facilities. Under Moore's leadership, DAC has headed up several efforts to improve accessibility and eliminate communication barriers for those with disabilities. DAC currently has 15 active members.

DAC members have only good things to say of Moore. "She brings her skills as a scientist and that logical, rational process. Not only is she driven, she's also incredibly rational and organized," commented EEO Specialist Virginia (Ginny) Ivanoff, NIHOD Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO).

"It takes a special person to lead the group, and I think Alicia has done a tremendous job of following up with meetings, keeping us on track, making sure that things get done," added EEO Specialist Gerard Roman, NIHOD OEO.

DAC hosted the first annual "Disability Awareness Month" in October 2006, which turned out to be a success. This year's theme will be "Workers with Disabilities: Talent for a Winning Team." The DAC has planned several events that will be of interest to many employees at NIEHS.

NIEHS Trans-NIH Group Award Winners

At the 2007 NIH Director's Awards Ceremony, 15 other NIEHS employees were honored for their exceptional contributions to the achievements of trans-NIH Roadmap for Medical Research working groups.

Medical Countermeasures Against Toxic Chemicals Team

  • Dennis Lang, Ph.D., Acting Director, Division of Extramural Research and Training (DERT)
  • Elizabeth Maull, Ph.D., Program Administrator, DERT Susceptibility and Population Health Branch

NIH Information Security Team

  • Charlie Davis, Network Infrastructure Manager, Lockhead-Martin Information Technology (LMIT)
  • Jim Dix, Electronics Engineer, Office of Management Computer Technology Branch (OM/CTB)
  • Nancy Feder, Security Function Lead, LMIT
  • Matt Jordan, Security/System Administrator, LMIT
  • Rob Levine, Computer Specialist, OM/CTB
  • Gary Rodgers, ITSS Program Manager, LMIT
  • Nancy Stegman, Chief, OM/CTB
  • Charlie Tate, Electronics Engineer, OM/CTB

Clinical and Transitional Science Award Program Team

  • William Martin. M.D., Director for Translational Research, Office of the Director (OD)
  • Carol Shreffler, Ph.D., Health Administrator, DERT Cellular, Organ and Systems Pathobiology Branch

Molecular Libraries and Imaging Project and Development Team

  • David Armstrong, Ph.D., Acting Chief, Laboratory of Neurobiology, Division of Intramural Research (DIR)
  • Christopher Portier. Ph.D., Associate Director for Risk Assessment, OD
  • Raymond Tice, Ph.D., Toxicology Operations Branch, Environmental Toxicology Program, DIR

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