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NIEHS at Integrating Environment and Human Health Conference

By Eddy Ball
February 2007

Integrating Environment and Human Health
(Photo by Eddy Ball)

NIEHS staff will travel to Washington, DC, to attend Integrating Environment and Human Health, the Seventh National Conference on Science, Policy and Environment on February 1 and 2. The National Council for Science and the Environment sponsors the event, in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency and the U. S. Geological Survey. NIEHS is supporting the conference as a patron.

The conference will feature lectures by leading national figures in the field and breakout sessions on Decision Making in the Real World, Guiding and Fostering Multi-disciplinary Research, Expanding Understanding: Information, Education and Communication, Avian Flu, and New Orleans and Katrina: Environment and Health Causes and Consequences.

Director Emeritus and Laboratory of Molecular Genetics Chief, Metastasis Group, Ken Olden, Ph.D., will attend. Other NIEHS staff at the conference include Program Analyst Beth Anderson, Biologist Barbara Burkhart, Ph.D., EHP Acting Editor-in-Chief James Burkhart, Ph.D., Contractor Daniel Cooper, Julia Gohlke, Ph.D., and EHP News Editor Kimberly Thigpen Tart.

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