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Early Registration Advised for Rodent Genetics Conference

September 2006

photo of mouse
(Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

The NIEHS Center for Rodent Genetics will host a conference September 26 and 27 for researchers interested in using mouse genetics/genomics in their work. The conference will appeal to those involved in studies of genetic susceptibility to disease and the process of disease development.

Titled "Unveiling Genome-Wide DNA Variation in 15 Diverse Mouse

Strains: Using Mouse Genetics and Genomics to Understand Human Disease," the conference offers a hands-on computer tutorial on tools available to analyze sequence data, such as that generated by the NIEHS/Perlegen Resequencing and SNP Discovery Project. In addition, the conference will cover ways to study human disease susceptibility through development of more appropriate mouse models.

The Second Annual Conference has two important goals. Organizers intend to highlight the completion of the Resequencing and SNP Discovery Project, a major effort to sequence the genomes of 15 diverse mouse strains. The meeting also should help foster interaction among scientists interested in bridging the gap between human genetic susceptibility to disease and the design of appropriate mouse models to study it.

Registration is free, but limited. Sponsors encourage interested individuals who want to attend to register as soon as possible - at least five days before the conference begins -at the conference website.

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