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The Strategic Plan in Action

May 2006

The NIH Roadmap - Though the NIH Roadmap pre-dates the NIEHS Strategic Plan, the Roadmap supports the Plan, and Goals of the Plan support the Roadmap.

  • NIEHS through the NTP has formally participated in the NIH Roadmap Molecular Libraries Initiative (MLI) by adding toxicity testing capability to the MLI effort.
  • This collaboration is allowing rapid implementation of the NTP's High Throughput Screening Assays Program by providing NTP access to testing laboratories. Thereby NTP links data on the biological activity of environmental substances generated from high throughput screening.

DISCOVER (Disease Investigation for Specialized Clinically Oriented Ventures in Environmental Research) brings together basic, clinical, and population-based scientists to conduct integrative research programs on:

  • Etiology and pathogenesis of environmentally related disease,
  • Use exposure to understand interplay of genetic and environmental factors,
  • Apply state-of-art technologies and methods to improve human health.

ONES (The Outstanding New Environmental Scientist Award)

  • A first independent research grant for young scientists of uniquely distinguished talent,
  • Provides a strong career start in launching innovative research programs focusing on environmental exposures, human biology, human pathophysiology, and human disease.

Genes and Environment Initiative: Launched by NIH to accelerate the understanding of how genetic and environmental risk factors influence health and disease

  • Two main components: A system for analyzing genetic variation in groups of patients with specific diseases, and technology development to produce and validate new methods for monitoring environmental exposures related to disease,
  • GEI Working Group is co-chaired by NIEHS Director David Schwartz and Francis Collins, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute,
  • Industry partners Pfizer, Inc., and Affymetrix are contributing over $20 million through a public-private partnership.

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