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Retirements: Judy Bullard and Joyce Bumann

May 2006

Joyce Bumann, left, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act specialist, and Judy Bullard, long-time secretary in the National Toxicology Program, retired in April.
Joyce Bumann, left, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act specialist, and Judy Bullard, long-time secretary in the National Toxicology Program, retired in April. (Photo by Colleen Chandler)

Two more NIEHS employees bade farewell to friends and coworkers in April.

Judy Bullard

Judy Bullard has been at NIEHS since 1981. She moved to Durham with her two daughters. At the time that she made the move, she did not know a soul in the area.

When Bullard came to NIEHS, mag card machines were still being used. She was one of the first to get a DecMate computer at her desk. She said it is her sense of humor that enabled her to get through tough times and transitions within the Institute. Being able to laugh, she said, has helped her keep her sanity.

Both of Bullard's daughters finished high school in North Carolina and both received college degrees. She married her husband, Herb, in 1987. Both her daughters married and left home. Bullard intends to spend some of her free time with her four grandchildren, who have been her main topic of conversation for the past 14 years. She also has three step-grandchildren.

She hopes to see all of her family members more often now that she is retired. She has two older brothers and an older sister. She and Herb enjoy cruises and plan to do some traveling. They are both active in their church and will spend more time with those activities as well. She said she has fond memories of working at NIEHS and learning about biomedical research.

Joyce Bumann

Here is the new theme in Joyce Bumann's life: Tennis forever, housework whenever.

Bumann, who has been at NIEHS since 1990, said she intends to re-establish her "piddling" skills during retirement. There are many things, she said, that she has not had time to do at home that she intends to do now that she will have more time on her hands.

An avid tennis play, Bumann is sure to be found on the courts in Durham, where she lives. Tennis was the theme of her retirement party on April 28, "Advantage Bumann." Bumann is recovering from a broken bone in her shoulder and has taught her coworkers a number of physical-therapy style exercises, all demonstrated with a discussion on the physical benefits of playing tennis.

At NIEHS, Bumann handled requests under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act. Much of her work involved reviewing material requested by individuals, organizations and reporters. She interacted with NIH FOIA and Privacy Act staff to coordinate the release of information.

Bumann also spent a lot of her time educating NIEHS staff about the requirements of FOIA, and what materials might be included in requests for information. Such requests could include e-mails, handwritten notes and any memos or electronic documents. She patiently recited the requirements of the act, time and time again.

Coworkers in the Office of Communications and Public Liaison came up with 10 reasons why Bumann should NOT retire:

10) NIEHS will lose its reputation for having the fastest redact marker in the Southeast.

9) We'll no longer have a resident "mold" expert.

8) Someone else will have to face the next platoon of tobacco lawyers who demand copies of our files.

7) We will no longer be up on all the latest physical therapy exercises. Who will lie on the floor and climb the walls as we wander by?

6) NIEHS will lose all hope of ever having an employee win at Wimbledon.

5) The Institute will lose one of its prime examples of the Motor Trend car of the year, the Honda Civic.

4) Her travel agent isn't ready for the extra work load.

3) Joyce's leaving may result in her drinking less tea with milk, causing a slump in the economy of several tea-growing nations and dairy farmers.

2) She is the only person in the South who has decoded the Freedom of Information Act. Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code's got nothing on Joyce.

And the number one reason Joyce can't leave NIEHS:

1) It goes without saying......we will all miss her too much!!!

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