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Sigma Xi Student Research Conference

January 2006

NIEHS got a little local publicity on Elon University's web-based campus news service, which cited NIEHS as a major sponsor of the Sigma Xi annual conference held Nov. 4-6 in Seattle.

The article, which appears at, focuses on Elon junior Geoffrey Lynn, who took the first-place prize for his presentation at the 2005 Sigma Xi Student Research Conference. Two other Elon students also won awards for the presentations. Lynn is a chemistry major with no connection to NIEHS. His presentation was entitled "A Kinetic, Mechanistic and Characterization Study of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized in the Reduction of Silver Oxide by Hydrogen Gas in the Aqueous Phase."

The article said NIEHS was a major sponsor of the event.

NIEHS, through its postdoctoral programs, works closely with Sigma Xi to provide a variety of programs to support science and engineering training and career development. Sigma Xi is an international honor society of science researchers and engineers. Its headquarters in near NIEHS in Research Triangle Park.

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