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Trio from NIEHS Receive NIH Awards

By Jerry Phelps
August 2006

Tom Kunkel
Tom Kunkel, Director Environmental Biology Program (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw of Image Associates)

Connie Riley
Connie Riley, Office of the Scientific Director (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw of Image Associates)

Bill Copeland
Bill Copeland, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw of Image Associates)

Three members of the NIEHS family received awards July 12 at the 2006 NIH Director's Awards Ceremony on the Bethesda Campus. The NIEHS recipients are Tom Kunkel, Director of the Environmental Biology Program, Connie Riley, Administrative Officer in the Office of the Scientific Director, and Bill Copeland, Senior Investigator in the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics.

Kunkel received an NIH Director's Award "in recognition of his contributions to understanding the mechanisms of DNA repair enzymes and their functions." The NIH Director's Award is intended to recognize "...superior performance or special efforts significantly beyond the regular duty requirements, and directly related to fulfilling the mission of the National Institutes of Health." Riley also received an NIH Director's Award "in recognition of her competence, initiative, and reliability guiding the Intramural Budgetary Planning Process."

Copeland received an NIH Mentoring Award. The NIH Mentoring Award supports and encourages mentoring activities and awards individuals who promote mentoring as a core value at NIH. Awardees are honored for their "significant leadership, skill, and ability in serving as a quality mentor to one or more individuals." Copeland's citation read, "In recognition of constructive efforts to encourage and train new scientists as friend, mentor, and fellow investigator."

Elias Zerhouni, NIH Director, attended the ceremony and presented awards to over 330 NIH staff and Commissioned Corps Officers. Congratulations to the NIEHS recipients.

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