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Alternative Transportation Use Escalates

By Blondell Peterson
October 2005

The Transhare program website
(Photo by Colleen Chandler)

Alternative transportation programs at NIEHS got a shot in the arm because of elevated gas prices after Hurricane Katrina, according to Dick Sloane, NIEHS transportation guru.

Sloane said more than 10,000 people in the triangle area participated in the Smart Commute Challenge. "We really had hgrowth in the Transhare program at NIEHS," he said. "Bus riders in the Transhare program jumped from 47 to 70, and there was a 50 percent growth in vanpool riders in the last two weeks." The Transhare program website is located at Application forms are available at

When the governor announced a need to cut back on fuel consumption, Sloane responded by setting up a publicity event to make employees aware of the NIEHS Flexible Telecommuting Program. The event that was held Sept. 8 yielded five new teleworkers according to Sloane. With approval from NIEHS management the application process was streamlined in order to get approved employees into the program more quickly. Ultimately, an employee must obtain supervisory approval in order to participate in the program. The NIEHS Flexible Telecommuting Workplace Program website is located at The telecommuting procedures are outlined on the website located at

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