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NIEHS Spotlight

NIEHS logoNIEHS Mobilizes to Assist Hurricane Victims - Again

NIEHS took no chances, and started preparing for Hurricane Rita's onslaught before she was scheduled to hit the Gulf Coast, an area already ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

NIEHS logoTown Meeting Held in RTP

NIEHS held a town meeting and public forum Sept. 11 in conjunction with the 22nd International Neurotoxiciology Conference.

NIEHS logoHendrix Delivers Season's First Distinguished Lecture

Mary J. C. Hendrix, professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine and President and Scientific Director of the Children's Memorial Research Center at Northwestern University, lectured on "The Epigenetic Influence of the Microenvironment on Cell Plasticity" on September 14 at the Rodbell Conference Center.

NIEHS logoACSI Implemented to Evaluate NIEHS Website

A respected indicator of customer satisfaction in the United States, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey is the tool being utilized to evaluate 60 sites from across NIH, including NIEHS.

NIEHS logoCFC Time Again

The 2005 Combined Federal Campaign has started.

Inside The Institute

NIEHS logoNIEHS in the [Latino] Community

Between 1990 and 2000, the number of Latinos in North Carolina nearly quadrupled, giving North Carolina the fastest growing Latino population in the United States.

NIEHS logoPedal Power: Jerry Phelps in America's Heartland

It was no luxury vacation for Jerry Phelps this summer.

NIEHS logoCycling for MS

In what has become an annual event for him, Jerry Phelps has logged another 175 miles for multiple sclerosis as part of an annual fund-raising bikeathon.

NIEHS logoNIEHS Blood Drive Results

A total of 72 people gave blood during the September blood drive at NIEHS. Those donations resulted in 66 productive units of blood. Most blood drives have first-time donors, but not this one.

NIEHS logoNIEHS Shuttle Service On-Call

To reduce fuel consumption, the NIEHS shuttle service is operating on an on-call basis.

NIEHS logoAlternative Transportation Use Escalates

Alternative transportation programs at NIEHS got a shot in the arm because of elevated gas prices after Hurricane Katrina, according to Dick Sloane, NIEHS transportation guru.

NIEHS logoLow Back Pain - What Can I Do About It?

Tim Carey, a general internist at UNC Chapel Hill and primary care physician, was the guest speaker at the Rodbell auditorium on Sept. 15.

NIEHS logoNIEHS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage

Gabriela and Cristal Franco perform the Mexican "Laculebra" dance at the fiesta in the cafeteria Sept. 29.

NIEHS logoUp and Coming


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Science Notebook

NIEHS logoWorkshop Focuses on Shared Etiology of Addiction and Chemical Intolerance

Experts in chemical intolerance and addiction joined forces Sept. 19-20 to compare notes on the possibility that the two conditions share more than NIH funding sources.

NIEHS logoWhat Follows Fruit Fiber Benefits to Second-Hand Smoke Effects?

Through a study of 35,000 adult non-smokers in Singapore, researchers found that early life exposure to second-hand smoke can create life-long respiratory problems.