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NIEHS Researchers Featured: PBS, NPR and Newsweek

By Red Tide
November 2005

Dan Baden
Dan Baden, a marine biologist at UNC Wilmington (UNC-TV) (Photo Courtesy of the University of Chicago)

Fred Tyson
Fred Tyson, DERT grants administrator (UNC-TV) (Photo Courtesy of the University of Chicago)

Red Tide

NIEHS Grants Administrator Fred Tyson and grantee Dan Baden, a marine biologist at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, were featured Oct. 11 on UNC TV's North Carolina Now. Tyson and Baden discussed two toxins produced by Florida red tide that may in the future be the basis for new treatment for cystic fibrosis.

Breast Cancer

Dale Sandler and Carissa Dixon were featured guests on the live broadcast of PowerPoint Oct. 23. The Emmy award winning host, Carmen Burns, led the discussion about breast cancer and the Sister Study, an NIEHS epidemiology study still recruiting toward its goal of 50,000 women who have a sister with breast cancer.. PowerPoint is the first ever national public radio information program addressing issues affecting the African-American community.

Built Environment

Allen Dearry, DRCPT director, was quoted in an article in Newsweek touting the benefits of residential communities designed to encourage an active lifestyle. Walking, Dearry said in the article, is a beneficial activity that people will undertake if given the opportunity. "Designing Heart-Healthy Communities" appeared in the Oct. 3 issue.

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